At Jim’s Test & Tag, we provide fire safety services to businesses across New Zealand. We chose to extend our safety testing services into fire protection because it is so important for organisations to be prepared for an emergency. If you’re wondering why fire safety is important, take a look at the rest of our blog post. Every year, there are far too many commercial and domestic fires – you need to be prepared.


It might seem obscure, but even cars, busses, planes etc. should have working fire protection equipment during an emergency. On January 4th, a whole tour bus was engulfed by flame in Central Otago. Luckily, none of the 48 passengers were harmed but it was a timely reminder that a fire can start wherever you are. If your vehicle is equipped with fire protection equipment, the chances of injury and damage are significantly reduced.



A person from Queenstown lost their entire home workshop on January 2nd. Luckily, they weren’t at home and nobody was hurt. An electrical fault within the home caused the flame. This is why fire safety is important in both homes and businesses. We provide both electrical checks and fire protection services to help the members if our local communities stay safe.


Yet another hotel fire broke out at the Ibis Hotel in Central Auckland on the 27th of December. One of the guests on the 13th floor had left a hot plate on – causing thick smoke to spread throughout the building. In these emergency situations, maintained fire protection equipment is a must. As a part of our fire safe services, we test and inspect a range of equipment as well as giving advice on preventative procedures.


Go to and check the latest warnings. They have fire season and permit information readily available to anyone who wants it. If anyone in New Zealand knows why fire safety is important, it its our emergency services. They’re the ones who have to put their lives in danger when a fire breaks out. If you have functional fire safety equipment, you can control a blaze before it becomes out of hand. Contact us today for more information about our maintenance services.


There have been a large number of suspicious fires ignited over the last year in New Zealand. This is why fire safety is important as a national agenda. If we spread the awareness of good fire safety practices and encourage people to meet with fire protection companies, we can help to reduce the chance of a fire. Some people who accidently light fires just have a bad understanding of fire safety – while others have more sinister reasons. Either way, the best thing we can do is spread fire safety awareness.


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