Do you own or operate a business? Do you have a leisure craft (like a caravan, car, or boat)? Are you curious about improving fire safety around your home?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should consider fire extinguisher installation. Providing fire protection equipment is essential in any environment, but mandatory in your place of work. Fire and Emergency New Zealand highly recommend the installation of extinguishers in domestic settings as well as in vehicles.

At Jim’s Test & Tag, we are trained in both electrical and fire safety services. They go hand in hand. As a part of our fire extinguisher servicing, we offer installation and location assessments. We can make sure your extinguishers are installed correctly, or that the location of your existing equipment is in accordance with the current standards.


Fire Extinguisher Regulations


When it comes to the installation and maintenance of your equipment, you need to work with professionals who will meet the national requirements. Why try and navigate fire extinguisher installation yourself when our technicians know the standard back to front?

The New Zealand Standard NZS 4503:2005 covers the installation and maintenance of fire protection equipment.

According to most fire extinguisher standards, you will find most extinguishers located near a fire exit (or escape route) and they will be easily accessible. This means that they will be mounted at a height that anyone could reach and easily removable from that mount. They cannot be obstructed or installed in a position that is difficult to access.

It is important that for ongoing usage, fire extinguishers are checked by the building or facilities manager to make sure they haven’t been moved from their mount, obstructed by furniture or equipment, or tampered with.

They need to be visible and in the same position as they were when installed by the technician.


Create a Fire Safety Map

After you have had your fire extinguisher installation session, you can add them to your evacuation map. Make sure your staff have access to the map with the emergency exits and fire equipment obviously marked out.

By encouraging this awareness, you could save valuable time in an emergency. Familiarity with the location of your equipment will help your staff stay calm during an emergency and easily locate exits and equipment when they need it.

Consider additional training for how to use a fire extinguisher and other pieces of equipment.  Get creative and stay proactive with your fire safety measures. There’s really no limit to how much effort you can invest in your workplace safety plan.


Professional Equipment Installation

At Jim’s Test & Tag, we supply and install all types of fire equipment in workplaces all around the nation. You can find out more about our fire protection services on our dedicated fire safety website.

Ask our professional team members to visit your workplace and install each piece of equipment correctly. Have peace of mind knowing that the location of your fire protection equipment will meet local requirements, and more importantly, ensure accessibility during an emergency.

After any of our inspection/installation appointments, we provide clients with all the documentation they will need for proof of compliance. We also keep copies in our own records if you ever need a backup.


Call us now or fill in the online form for a free quote or to ask us more about our fire extinguisher installation services.