Earth Loop Impedance test

Do you work with electrical equipment and/or live wiring? You are obligated to provide a safe working environment for yourself and those around you. With an earth loop impedance test from Jim’s Test and Tag, you can avoid electrical hazards and ensure your worksite is compliant.

All work sites need to comply with New Zealand standards for wiring and installation. Our technicians are up-to-date with all the latest rules and regulations so that you can rest assured that your business is safe.

What is an earth loop impedance test?

This test is a process of having the electrical earth of all your electrical installations and power points tested to discover any faults within your electric circuit. Having a functional earth return circuit will allow the detection of circuit faults and facilitate a reaction from your MCB (miniature circuit breaker). A Test & Tag technician will detect the resistance level in your earth return circuit and notify you if it is at the wrong level – it needs to be low enough to allow the circuit breaker to function correctly.

Ask one of our team members to visit your business.

Here, the Test & Tag team member will use an a tester to take a reading from your general-purpose outlet. All results will be documented in a detailed report that is supplied to each client. Within this report, your equipment will be assigned either a pass or a fail. This document will be kept on file should you need to access it in the future for compliance verification.

Our will conduct all tests and inspections according to the current New Zealand safety standards. Loop impedance test requirements are currently informed by the AS/NZS 3000:2000 standard for Wiring Rules. Testing is mandatory for the safety of all employees. Get tested today to make sure your workplace is safe – we’re here to help with all your compliance requirements.

Why is an earth fault loop impedance test important?

Because of the severity of coming into contact with an electrical fault, having your electrical installations and power points tested for earth fault loop impedance is crucial. Your systems are valuable and circuitry needs to be maintained for the longevity and functionality of your business.

According to the current national safety standards, you are required to conduct this test on your premises to ensure the safety of all guests and employees. When you ask a Jim’s Test & Tag team member to inspect and test your electrical wiring, you are protecting both your employees and your liability. It is important to adhere to national legislation to avoid harsh penalties.

Why choose Jim’s Test & Tag for an earth loop impedance test?

We are one of the few providers of this service. Our Portable Appliance Testers (PAT) rely on a good earth fault loop impedance in order to function correctly. We will always test the power point we use for our PAT testers when we provide our other testing and tagging services to ensure you and your employees’ safety and the accuracy of our test results. We do not believe that our competitors perform this test.

Our highly-trained staff are fully mobile and offer these services across the nation.

Simply enquire with us online or via phone, choose a time that suits you, and sit tight as your local Jim’s Test & Tag professional visits your place of business.  We are careful not to cause any unnecessary disruptions for your business and we work efficiently so that you can return to work as soon as possible.

We provide a wide range of inspection and testing services to clients so that you can secure your entire workplace in one visit. After you’ve had your testing done, we can service your fire protection equipment, small appliances, and any other electrical devices you may have on your property. With such a comprehensive range of services, there’s no reason to go anywhere else for your safety testing requirements.

After testing is complete, we will give you a retest date (for your next test) that complies with the national standards. When the time comes, our team will notify you of the retest. This means that you don’t have to keep track of your appliances and wiring – we can do it all for you.