Whether you’re running a business or you have fire extinguishers on hand for safety in your home, it is important to give them regular maintenance. If you’re wondering where to get a fire extinguisher serviced, look no further.
At Jim’s Test & Tag, we have a whole range of services dedicated to fire safety. For all of your fire extinguisher servicing needs, we have you covered. Instead of wondering WHERE to go, think about WHO to go to.
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Where to get a fire extinguisher serviced

Instead of taking time out of your busy schedule to take your fire extinguishers serviced, you can have one of our inspectors come to you. That’s one of the best things about working with Jim’s Test & Tag — we have technicians based all around the nation, ready to help you with your fire safety needs.
Aside from being strategically located all around New Zealand, our fire safety technicians run completely mobile operations. This means that all of our work is portable and can be done on site for your convenience.
Simply book in a time that suits you and we can service your equipment with as little disruption as possible to your business. We know that time is money and we want to keep your organisation running efficiently.


We will complete our work discretely so you can carry on with your day.


If you’re wondering where to get a fire extinguisher serviced, or whether there is a local team member in your area, all you have to do is contact us to request a quote. Our service team will connect you with your local technician so you can arrange a convenient time to have your equipment tested.


Where to get a fire extinguisher refill

Luckily, our test and tag technicians complete a full suite of extinguisher services. You don’t have to worry about running around all over town to maintain your fire safety equipment. We complete all sorts of maintenance services including:

  • fire extinguisher installation
  • fire extinguisher replacements and refills
  • visual inspections
  • pressure/discharge tests
  • documentation of results


Don’t waste your time working with a variety of companies when you can get everything sorted out in one easy appointment.

Fire extinguisher testing cost

Now that you know where to get a fire extinguisher serviced, its time to make sure you find a place that is cost-effective. At Jim’s Test & Tag, our inspection services are highly competitive and affordable. We cater to all sorts of businesses — large and small.
You can request a commitment-free quote to find out how much our inspections services will cost. Simply call us or fill in the online form to find out more.


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