Testing and tagging fire equipment is just part of the service from the best fire protection testing services. Knowing you have the right fire safety equipment on-site and that it is all fully tested and properly maintained is vital.

Having the same level of care applied to all your electrical equipment makes for a stronger and safer workplace.

Too many incidents of a fire breaking out are avoidable, particularly those involved with faulty electrical equipment. That’s where and when professional testing and tagging can be invaluable.

Ignoring the issues of possibly faulty equipment – including safety devices such as RCDs – is asking for trouble.

This is one of the reasons that many workplaces throughout New Zealand are left vulnerable to the dangers of electrical shocks and electrical fires. Knowing all your electrical and fire equipment is safe means you can get on with running your business.

Testing and tagging for your workplace’s fire safety

Having a fire extinguisher somewhere on the premises (often not knowing where it is located) is not the correct fire safety measure.

As an example, any fire-fighting equipment needs to be positioned strategically in the workplace and at the proper height for easy access in an emergency.

You may be surprised to know that a high percentage of fire equipment is in the wrong position or is even stored away from easy reach or clear view.

Then there is the matter of that fire equipment being ready to use. Having any equipment that is not properly maintained or serviced by professionals could mean that you are living under a false impression that you are fire safe.

That’s why an expert team who knows all the fire safety NZ regulations and can service all your equipment is crucial.

You can have your workplace fully inspected and properly protected with the trusted professionals behind you all the way.

Now is the time to stop and think if you are fire safe.

Which workplace fire safety services are available?

It is not always easy to know what fire safety services are available and what each of them means.

One thing is for sure, not having the right fire equipment or a proper plan of what to do in the situation of a fire emergency is extremely dangerous.

Getting the true professionals on your side, means you have the best in:

  • Electrical testing and tagging
  • RCD testing
  • Fire extinguisher testing
  • Fire hose reel testing
  • Fire blanket inspection

Having a full and thorough fire safety inspection of your property, where the professional team goes through each aspect of your safety requirements can be invaluable.

It’s important to remember that every business throughout New Zealand is required to provide a safe working environment for employees and any visitors to your site.

Just like using the traffic lights to cross the road, you need to stay aware of the right safety measures to be sure you are fire safe at all times.

Why safety measures matter

Fire safety is an all-year-round concern. You need to take every precaution possible to ensure your workplace is fire safe.

That’s exactly why all fire equipment on your premises needs to be tested on a regular basis. It’s too easy to forget when and if your fire safety equipment has last had proper testing.

With the fire safety professionals on your side, you take all that doubt out of the equation. With scheduled and regular testing, your fire safety equipment will be ready to protect all employees and visitors to your worksite. That’s true peace of mind.

Fire safety starts with ensuring each and every device is in full and safe working order. You can have a full and detailed check of your entire workplace so you know you are fire safe whenever an incident occurs.

It is too dangerous to leave it to chance. In an emergency situation, your fire safety is paramount. That’s why professional testing of your equipment can make all the difference.

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The testing professionals

For the best in professional testing and regular checks of your electrical and fire equipment, you need the top team of qualified fire safety experts.

The team at Jim’s Test & Tag is highly trained in fire protection, inspection, and testing. All technicians stay up to date with the latest fire safety regulations.

It’s no surprise that they are the leading team all throughout New Zealand. You can rely on their in-depth knowledge and skills to keep you, your home, and your workplace safe right throughout the year.

The complete range of quality testing and tagging services is all yours.

With Jim’s Test & Tag behind you all the way, you’ll know you’re in the best of hands at all times.

Contact Jim’s Test and Tag today through the online form for a free quote on safety testing and inspection services.