There’s a good reason that the best in professional testing and tagging can make all the difference to staying safe. Too many businesses take their testing and tagging for granted.

Unfortunately, there are many test and tag providers who don’t do their job properly and that negligence can put people’s lives at risk. As was the case with a vacuum cleaner that was imported into New Zealand and had not been properly checked for any issues.

That is until the real professionals got on the case. It took their safety measure procedures to uncover a seriously dangerous product. A special safety audit revealed the issues and the unit was deemed unsafe. That team of test and tag professionals was Jim’s Test & Tag NZ.

The whole episode is a classic example of how true professionals go about their business of making sure all equipment is indeed safe for use.

How testing and tagging can be a life and death issue

Electrical safety should be a top priority in any workplace. Sadly, that is not always the case and there are those who are happy to just let things ride or turn a blind eye to the dangers.

All these issues played out in the case of a vacuum cleaner that had been imported into New Zealand without the proper safety checks and approval.

One of the Jim’s Test & Tag NZ team came across a vacuum cleaner with a standard 10 amp plug and lead. The difference was that it was fitted with a 15 amp socket to connect to other power tools.

As dedicated professionals, Jim’s Test & Tag NZ failed the unit as an obvious risk and informed the client. Then came the scary part of the story.

The client immediately responded, “but the other test and tag company tagged it!”

That meant it was probably not the only safety risk that has gone undetected or has been signed off as ‘safe to use when it is anything but safe.

Someone’s safety in using any electrical device is too precious to put in jeopardy. That was precisely what this importer, supplier and the other test and tag company were doing.

The importance of testing and tagging and safety approval

Jim’s Test & Tag NZ initially contacted the supplier regarding NZ approval for the vacuum cleaner and requested to see a copy of the necessary approval for verification.

The supplier asked why would the vacuum cleaner need approval. They went on to say that they had imported ‘heaps of stuff and that it was all okay. It was clear that they did not understand the importance of safety approval at all.

On following up with the NZ importers, they insisted that the unit was definitely alright. After the request for approval documents, they said that they could not find them.

Then came the insistence that there was an ‘auto-resetting circuit breaker. Some photo evidence of this circuit breaker was requested and two photos from the importer would show that is was ‘safe to use. The photos were a real eye-opener.

Unbelievably, the circuit breaker turned out to be a cheap Bakerlite fuse holder that was being held together by a single cable tie!

To make matters worse, there was no way to see what it was connected to OR if, in fact, it was connected to anything at all. How could this get approval or be tested and tagged as safe?

Evidence of a safety issue

It was at this point that the Jim’s Test & Tag NZ team informed the importer that a formal complaint would be filed with Energy Safety if there was no creditable proof of the unit’s safety provided.

This is when the importer ceased to communicate any further. After exhausting all channels, a formal complaint was duly filed.

If a company is in the business of professional testing and tagging, they need to be able to stand by its record and its reputation for doing its job to the highest level. That’s where Jim’s Test & Tag go beyond the others.

The final part in the tale of the dangerous vacuum cleaner was a vindication of Jim’s Test & Tag’s safety diligence.

Energy Safety NZ confirmed that following their investigation and review of all the documentation, the vacuum cleaner in question was indeed unsafe for use within New Zealand.

They went on to thank Jim’s Test & Tag NZ for our assistance and in bringing this offending unit to their attention. They informed the supplier of the ‘unsafe’ ruling.

Faulty electrical equipment is too serious a risk to ignore.

Testing and Tagging from the trusted professionals

Jim’s Test & Tag always go the extra step to ensure your safety. We are New Zealand’s largest and most trusted specialist in electrical testing and tagging services for good reason.

What other companies do is “Just tag it anyway” or simply ignore it. That’s not Jim’s
Test & Tag NZ way! Our customer safety is our principal concern. It’s never just another tag.

You’ll always be sure that you can rely on Jim’s Test & Tag.

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