It can be hard to work out an electrical safety inspection cost because it is priceless to know that your workplace is safe.

Without a professional team performing the task, the incomplete or forgotten check could be someone’s life. That is not worth putting at risk.

It is a sad state of affairs to know that there are a number of test and tag service providers who fail to do their important job properly. Some are under-skilled, not properly trained, and sometimes they are just straight out negligent.

Too many of these ‘cowboys’ will happily say they will investigate your workplace and test and tag your equipment only to sign off on anything without even testing at all.

That is not just dishonest and deceitful, but dead-set dangerous. When it comes to using electrical equipment and appliances, we are talking about putting people’s lives at risk.

The difference in safety 

While some testing and tagging and electrical companies do a good job, there is still the idea with a few of these that the price for such a service should be complicated and confusing to the client.

This is why you need a team that is made up of experienced professionals and who back their quality of service with honesty and transparency.

There is no need for hidden fees and complex industry jargon if you know what you are doing and are proud of your value of service.

When you are weighing up the price of a professional, look for any hidden fees and additional charges then make sure you ask any questions you might have about what the service involves.

If you get vague answers and are told to read through encyclopedia-sized charges, then alarm bells should be going off.

Knowing exactly what involves and what and why it costs what it does will leave you in no doubt about what you can expect from what you pay for.

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Electrical safety should be a priority in each and every workplace, no matter what the industry.

Just because these devices are not commonly used items doesn’t mean that you can take for granted their operational capacity.

Trying to do important tasks such as testing and tagging equipment throughout your premises is time-consuming and needs expertise. It could be the one thing that you overlook that causes a serious injury or even a fatality.

The importance of staying as safe as possible shouldn’t be left to chance. That’s why it pays to get trusted professionals to do the job for you and maintain your workplace safety.

Why ongoing testing and tagging matters

Safety in the workplace is not just a ‘one-off’ occurrence. There need to be regular checks on both old and new equipment and appliances.

There are different requirements for different equipment and worksites. This is when things can become complicated and you want to be sure that you comply with the current regulations.

This is why going with the cheapest service provider can actually end up costing your company significant fines for not maintaining a safe place of work.

Having a professional team who provides high-quality service and can schedule the necessary checks when they are due and at a time that suits you is great value for money.

That way you can be sure that you have a workplace that meets the safety standards at all times.

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Safety inspection from the true professionals

Jim’s Test & Tag is proud to offer the very best in workplace hazard prevention. We are New Zealand’s largest and most trusted specialist in electrical testing and tagging services provider for more than one reason.

Other companies may promise you a quality service but can’t deliver to the standards you need or are simply happy to take your money and do the bare minimum.

With Jim’s Test & Tag on your side, you will get expert service and advice from a fully trained team of professionals who are happy to answer any questions you might have. You get the best from the top name in workplace safety who are open and honest about everything we do for you.

You can always rely on Jim’s Test & Tag.

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