Have you ever wondered if you are dealing with a true Kiwi business?

That’s the great thing about Jim’s Test & Tag NZ – we are proud to be 100% Kiwi owned and operated business. That’s not just in certain places, that’s right across New Zealand.

Your local franchisee is running an NZ business just like you and you’ll know that they always have your best interests at heart. As a fellow local, they know what it means and what’s involved in doing the utmost for clients and customers. That’s why their focus is on your business.



The Jim’s franchise difference

When it comes to franchise businesses, they don’t come better than Jim’s Test and Tag NZ and Jim’s Fire Safety NZ.

Our group is known for providing the best in personal attention and prompt service to each and every client.

Whether it’s testing and tagging equipment, electrical appliance testing or all the ins & outs of fire safety, you know you’re dealing with the top name in the game.

All our team are fully trained and continually working on the latest initiatives in the field. In this way, we know we can provide the most up-to-date service and follow any changes in the relevant guidelines.

What does that mean for our clients?

You can be sure you are getting the highest level of professional service all year round. That’s what makes Jim’s Test & Tag NZ and Jim’s Fire Safety the trusted names they continue to be.



The Jim’s Group backing

While we are fully Kiwi owned and operated, we are also proud to be part of the Jim’s Group.

The group’s name goes hand in hand with being reliable and respected. The Jim’s Group have been helping thousands upon thousands of customers – both businesses and households – for more than 30 years.

You don’t last that long unless you are doing something right.

What started as a one-man lawn mowing outfit has grown to become a network of services that operate right throughout the world.

There’s none better than our own NZ team here at Jim’s Test & Tag NZ and, our Jim’s Fire Safety NZ.

We operate one of the group’s most dynamic, energetic and successful divisions. That comes down to our dedication to doing what’s right by each client and by maintaining only the highest levels of service and attention to detail.

With a focus on looking after every business we deal with, it’s no wonder that the road to success has been a clear one.


Interested in a franchise?

We are more than a NZ business that’s 100% owned and operated by Kiwis. We’re proud members of the Franchise Association of New Zealand too. We strictly adhere and wherever possible, we exceed the NZ Code of Practice for Franchising.

Is franchising for you?

We actively encourage you to take a look at the FANZ site so you can weight up all the pros & cons of being a franchisee and make the right decision for you and for your family.

Please feel free to make contact with us and we’ll get some initial information to you about any opportunities. Simply click on this Franchise Enquiries link and fill in your details. It’s that easy.

We’ll be in contact within the very next hour and you can read actual first-hand experiences from members of the team.

Your local Regional Franchisor will be in contact with you shortly after just to have a chat about what you’re looking for and help work out if this opportunity is right for you.



Jim’s Test & Tag is here for you

As a 100% Kiwi owned and operated business, we always strive to help other New Zealanders with the very best in customer service.

That means going that extra step with the quality services we provide. That means making sure you always know what’s going on and never taken a shortcut with anything we do.

It’s all about ensuring that when you’re dealing with us, you know you’re being backed by the very best in the business.

The team at Jim’s Test & Tag NZ is right here, whenever you need us.

Talk to us today about any of our services and see the difference for yourself.