Knowing your workplace is always safe means knowing how often test and tag frequency is needed.

If you don’t already know how crucial it is to have your electrical equipment professionally tested and tagged, then you need to talk to the experts now. The danger to you, your staff and even to the premises is not something you can ignore.

The common mistake is that people forget that the ongoing maintenance of equipment, especially electrical, is just as important as the first inspection.

It’s often that the testing and tagging of your devices is left undone until the wake-up call of an emergency situation arises or a serious incident occurs.

There are strict Test and Tag legal requirements in NZ

New Zealand has an enviable safety record when it comes to workplace incidents. One of the major reasons for that success is the Test and Tag requirements that each business must adhere to.

Of course, it’s not enough to just have the right safety regulations in place. They need to be followed properly, with special attention to the details of the procedures.

That is why test and tag frequency is important as an ongoing safety measure.

The last thing you need is to think you meet all your safety requirements only to then be confronted with an unsafe situation that was completely avoidable.

Electrical equipment of any kind may present some risk, but faulty or malfunctioning equipment is outright dangerous. That is where testing and tagging makes sure that any fault is identified before there is a serious incident or even a fatality.

The confusing part for many people is the fact there are different standards for different industries across New Zealand.

This is another important reason to have a professional team behind you all the way.

test and tag frequency


Test and tag frequency for each environment

It stands to reason that how often a piece of equipment is used will contribute to its wear and tear.

For example, electrical tools and equipment in the building and construction industry undergo a high level of use. This can be under harsh conditions and on a regular daily basis. The use and conditions increase the chance of damage and malfunction of that equipment.

To ensure that any electrical tools, equipment and appliances are safe to use in this industry means undergoing a full testing and tagging every 3 months.

In the case of factories, warehouses and production facilities, the variety of electrical equipment and appliances are often used at a high frequency. Having any of these devices tested and tagged every 6 months is highly recommended.

It is often that workplaces have different areas where electrical equipment is used. Any site that are considered hostile environments need extra care and higher rates of testing and tagging.

Forgetting this important factor in safety can be expensive and could even cost someone their life.

test and tag frequency

Staying safe with help from the professionals

Workplace safety compliance is mandatory in New Zealand.

Any device that uses electricity can pose a risk at any workplace.

To eliminate the danger, make sure you have an in-service safety inspection and testing of all your electrical equipment done by a professional team. Any electrical testing and tagging must be conducted in strict accordance with the AS/NZS3760 standard. That’s why it pays to have experts take care of it all for you so you have complete peace of mind.

An experienced and trusted Test and Tag team will be able to take you through everything you need to do to stay safety compliant. Having regular testing and tagging performed throughout your workplace will keep you safer for longer.

You are getting a clear and open assessment of how safe your electrical equipment and appliances are from the time of testing. It’s important to maintain that safety standard at all times. That’s where an ongoing schedule to testing and tagging gives you peace of mind.

The best team for testing and tagging in NZ are here for you

Making sure you are fully compliant with all your safety requirements is easier than you think.

Jim’s Test & Tag NZ are the experienced experts when it comes to testing and tagging. They offer the very best electrical testing and tagging services throughout New Zealand.

You’ll never have to second guess if your equipment or appliances meet the safety standards. Not when you have the true professionals looking after you and your workplace.

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