How an RCD tester can help keep your workplace safe

Having safety measures in place is critical and that’s why an RCD tester and testing and tagging services are a key component to staying safe at all times.

There is no point having workplace safety elements if any of those safety measures do not work properly. It can be extremely dangerous to think that you, your employees and the property is protected only to discover that something is wrong when it is too late.

It is similar to having fire equipment that has not been serviced and does not perform in an emergency situation.

This is why a preventative measure of an RCD needs to be checked regularly to ensure that everything is as safe as possible.

What exactly is an RCD?

An RCD is a Residual Current Device. It is the industry term for what is more commonly called a safety switch. These are specifically designed to protect you from being electrocuted.

The most common cause of electrocution is when electricity passes through the body to the earth. This is often from faulty electrical equipment and these incidents can be avoided with the use of a fully functioning RCD.

It’s important to remember that even a small amount of electricity can be lethal in certain circumstances. Electric shocks can also cause cardiac arrest, internal damage to the body or burn marks on the skin as well as other injuries.

An RCD can protect you from such electrocution and provide protection against electrical fires.

RCD tester

How does an RCD work?

The RCD works by detecting and quickly disconnecting the circuit of power if there is a fault. This reduces the risk of harm to anyone who comes into contact with an electrical circuit.

RCDs can be used portably but they are usually located on a switchboard.

You can see why these are an essential safety device and why they should be installed in every workplace and household throughout New Zealand.

It is precisely because of their importance in preventing electric shock and electrical fires that RCDs must be in full and proper working order.

Knowing that you have done all you can to ensure your property and workplace is as safe as possible for you, your employees and any visitors to your site gives you much needed peace of mind.

Having your RCDs regularly checked and tested by professionals using a special RCD tester is part of that workplace safety regime.

Detecting and preventing damage from faulty equipment and circuits is an integral part of it all.

RCD testing for each environment

There are different types of RCDs for different areas of use. There are various work environments and uses of equipment that need different tests.

This is why the nature and frequency of testing can vary because it is based on the type of RCD that you use in your particular business.

For more information regarding your type of RCD or which one is best for each part of your workplace, it is best to contact the fully trained professionals who can take you through all the ins and outs of RCD use and RCD safety switch testing.

Workplace safety compliance is mandatory in New Zealand.

It is of paramount importance and any breach could mean a hefty fine or in the worst case scenario, it could even cost someone their life.

The standards of safety and the importance of using true professionals

The AS/NZS 3760 is a joint Australian and New Zealand Standard created by Standards Australia. This standard outlines the in-service safety inspection, testing method, and frequency of electrical appliances. To meet the AS/NZS 3760 Standard, you will need proof that each task has been properly performed. This is where your service provider should keep an up to date logbook of results.

When you choose the expert team at Jim’s Test and Tag for your next RCD service, you will receive a detailed test report that will meet all of your compliance needs. We keep all of our test reports on file so that you can access a copy if and whenever you need it.

Our team closely monitor any changes to the joint Australian and New Zealand standard. Our dedicated technicians receive ongoing training and support to ensure your business gets the ultimate in professional service.

The best team for testing and tagging in NZ are here for you

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You can say goodbye to the worry and second guessing if your equipment or appliances meet the safety standards. That’s the beauty of enlisting the skills of the most professional team who can look after you and your workplace.

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