When it comes to the safety of your workplace, you don’t get a second chance.

It only takes a second for things to go wrong which is why a full PAT test in NZ is just one of the many testing and tagging measures to consider.

You don’t want to ever be in the situation where you have unsafe equipment at your workplace or on your work site. The risks are just too dangerous to leave for chance.

Work safety is something that needs to run right across the workplace. It is often the smaller details that can create the biggest problems.

That is particularly true when it comes to portable items that can be moved throughout the worksite and easily be ignored or forgotten.

PAT test NZ

The reliance on portable appliances

One of the things that people rely on to be in full working order is a work appliance. If it is an everyday item such as power tool or a microwave oven in the tea room, then it is too easy to forget that it should be properly tested.

With all that goes on in a business, it can be hard to know exactly what electrical safety measures need to be made. The critical thing is to start at the very beginning and take stock of your current worksite situation.

There are a couple of important questions to ask yourself, such as:

  • How many portable appliances do I have onsite?
  • Are they safe to use?
  • Have they ever been properly tested (and if so, when)?
  • Do I have the time and skills to inspect and test all the equipment myself?

The answer to the last question is definitely a No.

  1. It’s not the best use of your time, especially when you are running the business
  2. There are different skills you will need to identify problems and possible risks
  3. There is a professional team who can look after all your testing and tagging in one hit

It makes little sense to train an employee and waste resources on sending them around the whole organisation to test equipment.

What are portable appliances?

Just hearing the term ‘portable appliances’ doesn’t necessarily explain what exactly they are or why they would need testing.

That’s one of the reasons that businesses forget how important portable appliance testing really is.

To be sure that you have all your portable appliances and equipment identified then tested, you need a professional team of qualified technicians.

By knowing which types of appliances need to be tested and how often means you are work safety compliant.

A trusted testing and tagging team will be able to inspect and test a full range of appliances and equipment, including:

  • Any transportable equipment. This includes equipment that is usually stationary but can easily be moved around.
  • Portable appliances.
  • Hand-held appliances: power tools, hair dryers, etc. This is a high-risk category.
  • Extension leads and cables.
  • RCDs: portable safety switch devices.
  • Various fixed equipment: including small appliances that are permanently secured in one location, such as a hand dryer.

It is easy to see why the idea of a PAT test seems to be a complicated process and is often put in the ‘too hard basket’ to be dealt with later on. This is a mistake too many NZ businesses make and it is all at the risk of workplace safety.

Enlisting the help of an expert team takes the worry and stress out of the equation and means you can rely on a set schedule of ongoing testing and tagging.

PAT test NZ

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Regular testing and tagging gives you complete peace of mind.

It makes sense to have your workplace and equipment properly inspected, tested and tagged. With Jim’s Test & Tag on your side, you can be protected not just for today but for tomorrow.

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