Many business owners and managers ask ‘How often should testing and tagging be done? The answer is to talk to the experts who can take you through the process. That’s Jim’s Test & Tag.

As the owner or manager of a New Zealand business, you need to ensure the safety of your workplace at all times. Whatever the industry, there are strict safety regulations that specify your responsibilities and the time periods they relate to.

It is not just you and your employees that need to be safe. Anyone who visits your worksite should be properly protected and that includes equipment throughout the premises.

You don’t want to be left wondering when and how often does testing and tagging need to be done when it is crucial to maintaining a safe workplace and ensuring you meet your safety obligations.

Which equipment needs testing and tagging?

There is no room for error when it comes to workplace safety. That is why knowing what you need to do to keep everyone safe is not just a one-off, but an ongoing process.

Without proper testing and tagging, it is too easy to fall into the trap of forgetting which equipment needs to be checked and not knowing if all equipment is in safe working order.

The best rule of thumb to follow is that any device that has a flexible cable, a removable plug and isn’t low voltage (does not exceed 50V) should be properly tested and tagged. It’s important to remember that this also includes items such as extension cords and leads, plug-in adaptors and portable RCD’s. Making sure your safety switches are tested and tagged is particularly important as they act as a safeguard for your equipment. It’s almost like having a fire alarm that doesn’t work.

While all electrical portable and plug-in appliances in your workplace and up to 2.5m from the ground must be inspected, tested and tagged on a regular basis, only new equipment needs to visually inspected and tagged.

Faulty electrical equipment and cords are too serious a risk to ignore and could prove fatal.

With electrical equipment, there is no room for doubt

One of the key issues with workplace safety and the incidents that occur within a work environment is neglect.

Too many incidents are a result of insufficient attention to maintaining workplace safety. It is often the case that the importance of regular safety checks is forgotten or put off for a later date. In the meantime, the danger to employees and those visiting the workplace grows.

When it comes to electrical equipment and tools, this neglect can be widespread. Just because a tool or piece of equipment works at the time, doesn’t mean it hasn’t become a safety risk for the next user. A loose cord, a frayed edge or an unseen problem can easily be the reason for an electric shock.

Having a reliable system of testing and tagging all necessary electrical equipment takes the doubt out of the work safety equation.

With electrical equipment, there is no room for doubt

Testing and Tagging – is an ongoing issue

Using electrical equipment always comes with a certain risk. The user needs to be properly trained in testing and tagging and that needs to be performed on all equipment in the workplace. Not everyone knows how often should testing and tagging be done?

The first point to understand is that can each industry can have different test and tag timelines.

It can be complicated to know which electrical devices need to be tested and tagged and how often if you have a variety of equipment throughout the workplace.

If you have what is considered a ‘hostile environment’ such as a factory, workshop, assembly line or a commercial kitchen, then your electrical equipment should be tested and tagged every 6 months.

For those ‘non-hostile environments’ like an office environment then any testing and tagging needs to be done every 12 months for portable electrical equipment (and up to 5 years for any stationary electrical equipment).

There are heavy fines for anyone who infringes on the Electrical Safety Regulations 2010 with individual fines of up to $10,000 and up to $50,000 for an organisation.

It is easy to see why a professional Test and Tag team can make all the difference to your electrical safety and give you much needed peace of mind.

Which team can you rely on for all your testing and tagging needs wherever you are in New Zealand?

Testing and Tagging is an ongoing issue

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