microwave testing

How do microwave appliances work?

Microwave appliances heat food using a form of electromagnetic radiation similar to radio waves. The waves generated cause water molecules in food to vibrate and produce friction, resulting in the heating of food. Whilst this process is great for heating food, it is dangerous for humans. General wear and tear can result in risks for users. By investing in microwave testing at regular intervals, you can ensure safety in your commercial or domestic environment. Eliminate harmful emissions with our expert test and tag team.

Why is microwave testing important?

Faulty appliances can distribute radiation leakage that can be very harmful. Radiation can heat body tissue the same way it heats food. Exposure to high levels of dangerous waves can cause skin burns or cataracts. If your appliance is used in a commercial environment, you could be subject to legal consequences. Regular testing is essential for workplace compliance and the safety of your staff.

Regular testing is particularly important in the retail food industry as some appliance efficiencies may vary. An appliance that does not operate efficiently may not heat food to the required temperature, which could impact on the quality of the product and the subsequent health of the consumer.

Domestic testing is available with all of our friendly test and tag technicians. Gambling with the health and safety of your loved ones is unnecessary. If your cooking equipment is dated, you should have it tested to eliminate any adverse health effects. Our technicians will inspect your appliance at your home or place of business at a time that suits you.

What causes the appliances to leak?

The most common cause of leakage is faulty or worn out door seals. This can occur from mistreatment, food build-up or the age of the unit. A microwave leakage test can help identify any harmful leakage. Other common hazards in older appliances include electrical shock and fire. This can be caused by exposed and dated wiring or manufacturing issues.

What’s involved in the test?

An experienced professional will inspect the appliance and ensure it is safe for a kitchen environment based on the AS/NZS 3760 and AS/NZS 60335.2.25. This is a quick and easy process that involves using a radiation leakage detector to identify the level of radiation that your appliance is producing. Our microwave tester devices are top of the line and each of our technicians receives ongoing training for correct usage. Accurate and efficient testing is completed by our staff members who offer mobile services across New Zealand.

Why choose Jim’s Test & Tag?

Jim’s Test & Tag can complete microwave testing for both radiation leakage and power output efficiency. Jim’s Test & Tag uses certified testing equipment for all test and inspections. Your local Jim’s Test & Tag technician can perform an energy efficiency test to determine if the unit has the correct power output, thus ensuring food is cooked for the required amount of time.

Your local Jim’s technician is committed to ongoing client relationships. We provide each of our test and tag customers with detailed reports and suggested re-test dates. Our team members can let you know when your next test is due so that your appliances are continuously verified for safe use.

We offer an extensive range of safety testing and compliance services. Ensure your entire building or worksite is risk-free with one easy appointment. Contact us today for more information about the current work safety standard requirements or a free quote for your desired service.

What happens if the unit fails the test?

We will apply a faulty sticker on an appliance that has been deemed defective. We then inform our customers of the failed unit and its harmful effects and advise them to dispose of it. You will be provided with a report detailing the specific failing of your device as well as records of any other items we test whilst on site. You can access past reports to determine the time frame in which your appliance became dangerous.

Is there a standard for microwave testing?

AS/NZS 3760 is a joint Australian and New Zealand Standard created by Standards Australia that outlines the in-service safety inspection, testing method and frequency of electrical appliances. AS/NZS 60335.2.25 is a joint Australian and New Zealand Standard that outlines the safety Standards for household and similar electrical appliances.

In order to meet the Standards, you will need proof of the tasks performed. Ensure your provider provides a log book of results.