Electrical safety and hazard prevention are the key to longevity and success for every business in New Zealand. Imagine, after the all the hard work you’ve poured into your business, that your organisation is closed down due to safety issues. If you fail to deal with hazards, it won’t be just your reputation that’s damaged – you could receive huge fines and have your operating licenses removed – not to mention the lives that could be damaged in the process.

In order to make New Zealand a safe place for staff and employers, we complete electrical safety testing on appliances and equipment for businesses around the nation.

If you’re interested in improving the safety measures in your building, or if you’d like to minimise hazards, check out the rest of our blog and let us know if you have any questions. We’re experts in safety.

Try Out the SafePlus Toolkit

SafePlus is an initiative from Work Safe New Zealand. It’s a voluntary guide (you don’t have to use it) designed to help businesses go above and beyond with workplace safety and compliance. You can access heaps of resources and online assessments to help you exceed your workplace safety obligations.

In terms of electrical safety and hazard prevention, we’d recommend taking a look at the risk management resources. With the use of the toolkit, you can identify, assess, control, and monitor risks in a safe manner. You can access the knowledge you need through three options via SafePlus.

  • Resources and guidance
  • Onsite assessment and advisory service
  • Online self-assessment

If you’re interested in finding out more, go to https://worksafe.govt.nz/about-us/who-we-are/our-priorities/safeplus/ and check out everything Work Safe New Zealand have to offer your business. Find out how to prevent electrical hazards plus a range of other useful skills and practices.

Staff Training and Awareness

Preventing electrical hazards will be much easier if your staff have a solid foundation in general electrical safety. If you know what the common hazards are and how to prevent an accident, it will be much easier to intervene before an accident occurs.

Do some research and find out the most common hazards in your workplace, then make sure your team members know how to identify and rectify them. It could be something as simple as overloading a power board, or not knowing what an RCD is. Get an idea of your employee’s level of safety knowledge and work out a training session from there.

Ensuring that staff are educated in electrical safety and hazard prevention is essential for business owners and operators that care about the wellbeing of their team members. If you’d like to know more about staff safety training, contact Work Safe New Zealand for more information.

Get an Electrical Safety Test

At Jim’s Test & Tag, we firmly believe that the best protection is prevention. That is why we test and inspect appliances and equipment for a range of businesses throughout New Zealand. Ask our team members to perform any number of the following range of services:

  • electrical testing and tagging
  • fire protection testing services
  • RCD testing
  • earth loop impedance testing
  • microwave testing
  • PAT

Electrical safety and hazard prevention go hand in hand. If you see equipment that looks damaged or has an electrical tag that is out of date, contact us immediately. There are laws in place to ensure your staff are protected. Every item that plugs in needs to be tested. The frequency of each re-test will be determined by one of our expert technicians in accordance with the current national safety testing standards.

If you’d like to know more about our electrical testing and tagging services, browse through our website and get in touch for a free quote.

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