Tips for knowing Who, Where, Why and What should a fire safety plan include

Fire can be an unexpected and unforgiving visitor to your workplace or home. Planning for an outbreak of a fire is crucial to having your defence and safety ensured. Too many people are left without a fire safety plan or never ask what should a fire safety plan include? That’s why you need the help of true Fire Safety professionals who can best help you prepare for the worst.

It’s a common mistake to think that because you have your fire safety all taken care of.

Here are some key questions to ask yourself:

1. Do you know what to do if and when a fire breaks out?

This is where fire safety awareness and fire drills can be invaluable

2. Have you a fire safety plan?

If not, do you know what should a fire safety plan include?

3. Where is your fire equipment located?

There is no point having fire equipment if it cannot be easily accessed and it is not in proper working order.

4. What are the means of escape if the fire cannot be safely contained?

You cannot be second guessing how to evacuate the premises in the event of a fire. All exits and passageways must always be clear and emergency doors easy to open.

fire safety plan

The idea that you will be able to evacuate the building by the front or back door is wrong. A fire can quickly spread and you will need more than one or two options in the case of an emergency.

That’s why a comprehensive fire safety plan is crucial. Having the knowledge that you can take an alternative approach to the challenges of a fire can prove to be life-saving.

Why a fire safety plan is a key to fire prevention

Having your own fire safety plan puts you ahead of any fire that you may be confronted by.

The most important elements of any fire prevention is planning for it.

This is where it pays to be methodical and thorough.

Key aspects to fire safety include:

  • Identifying the risks of a fire
  • Taking all appropriate action to prevent a fire
  • Be fully prepared when a fire occurs
  • Fire training is integral to a fire safety plan working

By training staff in the issues of preventing, preparing and responding to a fire, you have one of the most effective safeguards against fire damage.

This is where enlisting the help of professional fire safety experts makes all the difference.

How Fire Safety professionals work

Remember that anyone who works or visits your premises could be in danger if a fire breaks out.

With help from Fire Safety experts, you can significantly reduce your risk of a fire.

Having a fire risk assessment made on your property will give you a clear understanding of what issues you are faced with and which you can address.

Your fire safety plan is a live document that should be reviewed and updated regularly. Any changes to the information and circumstances (such as building alterations) need to be incorporated into the fire safety plan at the earliest stage.

With scheduled maintenance and inspections by licensed Fire Safety professionals, you can rest assured that your fire safety issues and your plan will be looked after

Risk Assessment and Response Planning

There is no workable Fire Safety Plan if issues such as a fire risk assessment and fire response plan are also established.

A Description of Building is required for a Significance Assessment. This should include a general layout of the buildings, a floor plan, construction materials used (e.g. wooden doors, steel window frames) where flammable items are stored and where fire equipment is located.

The storage of any combustible items, removing rubbish and vegetation that can be a fuel source and proper maintenance of alarms, appliances and fire equipment is vital to fire safety.

It is useful to know of any previous fires or fire issues when compiling any fire risk assessment.

fire safety plan

Common problems with fire safety

It is an unfortunate case that fire safety is often overlooked or neglected. This is often because the person in charge of the property has let the issues lapse (including home owners in a residential situation).

Fire alarms that are not maintained, fire equipment that is no longer in proper working order, having no-one trained in the use of the fire equipment and locked or blocked exits are issues that need to be addressed on a regular basis.

This is why it is crucial to have your fire safety looked after by a team of professionals.

You need to ask yourself if you are the best person for keeping up to date with timely inspections of your property, fire equipment, alarms, emergency access and training.

There is also the matter of being fire safety compliant.

Many people are still stumped with the basic idea of what should a fire safety plan include? There is more to being fire safe than you may realise.

It makes sense to use a trusted team of experts when it comes to your fire safety.

Avoiding fire risks is easier than you think

By maintaining your fire equipment and having it properly inspected and tested, you can be sure you have your first point of defence ready for you should you need it.

There is also the issue of the maintenance of your electrical equipment, appliances and tools. It is not uncommon for a fire to start with the malfunction from an electrical device.

That’s when the inspection of any electrical equipment that plugs into a power socket can give you added peace of mind. The professional and trusted team at Jim’s Test & Tag NZ have you covered with all electrical testing and tagging services.

It’s crucial to ensure that any evacuation plan is both checked and approved by Fire and Emergency New Zealand. This is particularly important when you move into new premises.

Meeting all your fire safety legal requirements means being informed. Follow the link here to the Fire and Emergency New Zealand (Fire Safety, Evacuation Procedures, and Evacuation Schemes) Regulations 2018.

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