Many people ask, how much does testing and tagging cost?

If you don’t have proper and professional testing and tagging, it could cost someone’s life.

There are not many things that are more dangerous than electricity.

The main trouble is that you cannot see it. You don’t know where the electricity is going or how to detect it. This is why electricity can be so dangerous and why testing and tagging is so crucial.

Its power is not something to be underestimated.


What needs to be tested and tagged?

There is something that is often overlooked in any workplace and that is about what equipment needs to be tested and tagged. This is more important than asking ‘how much does testing and tagging cost?’

Any electrical device can be dangerous if not properly maintained.

This means that any piece of electrical equipment or device with a flexible cable, a removable plug should be tested and tagged. The list also includes all of portable equipment, power tools and small appliances, extension cords, cord sets and any portable RCD’s.

Appliances that are being used for the first time, or items that have recently been serviced or repaired should always be tested.

There is danger in everything from kettles and toasters, power drills and circular saws, even coffee machines, RCDs and more.

The risks of not testing and tagging

It may seem strange or even a bit over the top to have to test and tag something as mundane as a kettle or toaster.

This is a good example of why some people don’t take the danger of not testing and tagging seriously enough – often until it’s too late.

A simple electric kettle has electrical energy flowing into it from a wire plugged into the domestic electricity supply. If it is able to flow through to the outside of the kettle or from a faulty or wet cable, there is a likely risk of causing an electric shock – one that could be fatal.

Any faulty electrical equipment brings with it the serious danger of electric shock, that’s why testing and tagging is such an important step in workplace safety.

Your legal obligation

It is a legal requirement that all electrical equipment is safe and is maintained in a proper condition.

It makes good sense to ensure you have proper and professional testing and tagging performed on every electrical item.

While testing and tagging doesn’t necessarily guarantee future electrical safety, it does show how safe each appliance is at the time of testing.

Some of the steps in that testing and tagging include:

  • Visual inspection
  • Insulation resistance
  • Earth leakage
  • Polarity
  • Earth continuity

Without the professionalism and expertise to undertake these steps, the entire testing and tagging process is undermined. That is not something you want with a task that is so important to the safety of everyone at your workplace.

The full cost to Test and Tag

It can seem like a simple question to ask ‘how much does testing and tagging cost?’

The basic rule of thumb is that you will pay anything from $4 to $20 per item to have it properly tested and tagged.

When it comes to how much electrical testing and tagging services cost, it will depend on:

  1. The item or items that need to be checked
  2. The skills and expertise of the Test and Tag team
  3. How long that test and tag will be valid for
  4. Whether the entire workplace will be inspected and tested and tagged

It is a mistake to make a decision purely based on price.

The last thing you need is to have a false sense of security in thinking your electrical equipment is safe to use when the testing and tagging was not performed properly.

It is also imperative that the tagging of equipment show the time, date and have a legible signature of the person who has performed the task.

Sadly, there are some inferior operators in the field of testing and tagging. Go with a trusted team and you won’t second guess yourself.

Test and Tag with the leading team

One of the strongest benefits of using the professional team at Jim’s Test & Tag is that they know exactly what needs testing and tagging at your premises and how often that task should be carried out.

Not only do you get the experts in testing and tagging procedures, you also get the experts in the latest legal requirements. Jim’s Test & Tag team can schedule and follow-up on each test and tag inspection.

It makes good business sense to ensure all the electrical equipment, tools and appliances at your workplace are fully tested and tagged. Having the trusted team you can always rely on to do the job right means you can get on with running your business.

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