What types of fire safety equipment are used for different fires? Our Test and Tag team can answer this question and more in our latest blog post. 

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Different Types of Fire Safety Equipment 

There are three types of fire safety equipment we test at Jim’s Test & Tag. 

They are: 

  • Fire extinguishers 
  • Fire hose reels 
  • Fire blankets 

As a preventative measure, we recommend testing all of your electrical appliances. This will catch devices that are overheating or short circuiting with a risk of electrical fire. 

Different Types of Fire 

There are six different classes of fire. 

They are: 

  • Class A – fires that involve solid materials including paper, wood, and textiles 
  • Class B – fires that involve flammable liquids 
  • Class C – fires that involve gas 
  • Class D – fires that involve metals 
  • Class E – fires that involve electricity 
  • Class F – fires that involve cooking fats and oils 

What types of fire safety equipment are used for different fires?

Fire Extinguishers 

Fire extinguishers are a first line of defence against small fires. They are handheld and should not be operated by someone without fire safety training. 

There are a range of different extinguishers designed to deal with different fires. 

Dry powder – BE solutions can be used on class B, C, E, and F fires. ABE solutions can be used on class A, B, C, and E fires. 

CO2 – designed for class E fires. 

Wet chemical – can be used on class A and F fires. 

Foam – designed for use on class A and B fires. 

Water – for use on class A fires. 

Fire Hose Reels

Fire hose reels transport water. They are suitable for use on class A fires. Fires that involve solid carbonaceous materials including paper, wood, rubber, and textiles. They should not be used on electrical fires or flammable liquids. 

Again, they are a first line of defence. If a fire is out of control, you need to call the emergency services. 

Fire Blankets

Fire blankets are designed to smother class F fires (involving cooking fats and oils). They are commonly installed in kitchens, caravans, boats, and garages. 

Fire blankets are also used to stop clothing fires. If a person is alight, you can wrap the blanket around them to stop the flame. If you have to do this, make sure they stop, drop, and roll to stop the flame. Seek medical attention immediately if you receive a burn. 

Fire Safety Materials 

For helpful guides about fire safety and what to do during a fire, visit the Fire and Emergency NZ website. If you need advice about which types of fire safety equipment are suitable for your business, contact us today. We supply and install equipment for all businesses. 

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