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When it comes to the quality testing and tagging of electrical appliances in NZ, you need an expert team who do the most thorough and professional job. Electrical safety is too often overlooked or even ignored at workplaces throughout New Zealand. That’s a recipe for disaster if someone comes into contact with a faulty electrical appliance. In some cases, it could be a fatal mistake.

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To make sure you meet your health and safety requirements, the appliances at your workplace should be tested and tagged at regular intervals. That means all electrical appliances whether they are old, new or have just returned from being serviced.

Many business owners and managers make the mistake of thinking that because it isn’t mandatory, then it doesn’t matter.

While it is not a legal requirement to have your appliances tested and tagged, it is a crucial part of your workplace safety needs.

That can be confusing to some and asking for trouble if appliances or equipment have an electrical fault.

What appliances need testing and tagging?

There are many different types of electrical equipment and appliances. Some may be small, some may be everyday items and others may be a kitchen appliance. The point is that any equipment which connects to the electricity supply should be tested and tagged.

To be very sure, it’s best to think that any item that connects via a flexible electrical cord or is a connecting device such as a power board, needs that test and tag check.

It may seem odd but even equipment that is being used for the first time should be tested and tagged. That includes a recently repaired appliance or piece of equipment too.

Why do they need testing and tagging if they are new or have just been fixed?

Think about it for a moment.

A brand new electrical appliance or electrical tool has been shipped to a workplace in New Zealand and may have had any number of different changeover points along the way. That could mean being loaded and unloaded into a delivery van, a plane, another transport vehicle, dropped off at a depot, shipped to another depot or delivery point and then is dropped off at your workplace.

All that handling – despite the best in safety packaging – can cause parts or elements to move, dislodge or suffer minor damage.

You are not immediately going to inspect the item for damage unless that damage is obvious to the naked eye. You would presume that the appliance or electrical equipment is in full working order.

It is the same presumption you would make for any electrical item that has been repaired. Having paid for the repair work, it is expected that the item would be ready to use.

These are just two examples of how easy it is to have a faulty electrical appliance waiting to be used and risking the safety of the person using it. The danger signs are not always easy to see.

testing and tagging of electrical appliances

Testing and tagging portable appliances

Just because some electrical equipment and appliances are portable, doesn’t mean that they don’t need to be tested and tagged too.

It doesn’t matter whether they are power tools, desk lamps, even toasters or microwave ovens should be properly checked.

In short, yes and it’s just as important.

The whole point of keeping your workplace fully Worksafe is to avoid the dangers of someone being electrocuted.

With power equipment and appliances usually being put through constant and sometimes rigorous use, those dangers increase drastically.

Then you have the issue of older appliances and electrical equipment suffering from general wear and tear. It’s not always easy to remember that those items should be checked especially when they are used on a day to day basis.

That’s why it makes good sense to have professionals look after the  equipment at your workplace. They can maintain a strict schedule for when and what items need to be checked and record all the results for compliance purposes.

testing and tagging of electrical appliances

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