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With the top test and tag service team behind you, your safety is in the best of hands.

Knowing your workplace is safe means you can get on with the running of your business. It’s more important than ever these days.

That’s why you need a fully professional team to look after electrical safety needs, so you know everyone at your worksite remains safe.

Unfortunately, there are some test and tag service providers who don’t do their job properly or maintain the standards of service that are required. This can be for a number of different reasons, which include:

  1. Poor training
  2. Lack of professionalism
  3. Cost-cutting and cutting corners
  4. Poor work practices and follow-ups
  5. Negligence

Some companies say they will do a thorough job of testing and tagging your electrical equipment but don’t do their due diligence.

You are paying for a highly important service that if it isn’t done correctly can prove dangerous. When you are dealing with electrical equipment and appliances, it can sometimes be a life-threatening oversight.

The best in safety starts with a skilled team

There are no second chances when it comes to workplace safety and that includes the electrical safety of all devices on site.

Only an experienced and professional team can be trusted to look after the crucial testing and tagging of your equipment and appliances.

You need to be sure that any electrical tools, appliances, power boards, safety switches and special equipment is all safe for use.

Your testing and tagging provider should be able to explain the services they offer so you know how often inspections will be required and exactly what you are paying for.

A truly professional team will make it clear what they will do, when they will do it and back it up with customer service excellence.

Why electrical safety is vital

Electrical safety is critical to every workplace right across New Zealand.

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, there are strict standards set out that must be followed. Failing to meet the test and tag regulations stipulated by your local government will mean that you will be held liable and you will face the consequences.

If it is found that your actions (or inaction) results in an infringement, an individual fine between $2000-$10,000 could be applied. It is even more severe for an organisation with fines of between $10,000-$50,000.

That is a heavy penalty to pay for being negligent or just ignoring the serious safety issues involved.

The main point is that such penalties are completely avoidable if you enlist the help of a trusted test and tag service team.

It doesn’t matter if electrical equipment is rarely used, it can still have a risk for the safety of the operator. Even brand new electrical devices should be properly checked and tested and tagged accordingly.

It’s important to remember that testing and tagging equipment and appliances takes time and should only be done with the proper level of expertise.

Electrical safety is a vital part of ensuring everyone at your workplace is safe at all times. One small oversight can be devastating and in some circumstances, has proven to be fatal.

It always pays to get experts with the precision testing equipment and professional protocols to do your electrical safety inspection and checks throughout your premises.

Testing and tagging is an ongoing concern

Electrical safety in the workplace isn’t ever just a set and forget type of scenario.

With the chances of something going wrong with equipment and appliances due to wear and tear, incorrect use or storage as well as accidental damage, the electrical current can find its way through to the user.

Electrical shocks are a very serious matter and make up a significant number of workplace incidents throughout New Zealand.

Many places have a safety check done on electrical devices after an incident has occurred to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. The point is that testing and tagging electrical equipment and appliances should be done before there is an incident.

Prevention is better than the cure, especially when your workplace safety standards are a legal requirement that you should always be following.

Seeing the trusted professionals

Jim’s Test & Tag are the experts in your electrical safety needs. As New Zealand’s largest and most trusted provider of electrical testing and tagging services, you can be sure that you’re being looked after in every way.

You get the highest quality test and tag service team behind you all the way.

From a thorough and professionally documented safety inspection, through to ongoing testing and tagging of all your electrical equipment, there’s no-one else who gives you such expert service.

You get complete peace of mind knowing that the fully trained team of professionals are looking after you and are always there to offer the best in advice whenever you need it.

For reliability and the ultimate in safety excellence, there’s only one name to know – that’s Jim’s Test & Tag NZ.

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