It’s worth knowing exactly what Test and Tag colours mean and what has been tested and how often the electrical testing and tagging needs to be completed. Making sure your specific workplace is work safe is critical.

Part of workplace safety compliance is having all electrical equipment and appliances properly tested and tagged.

The use of test and tag colours are a clear and effective way to identify what testing has been completed and the specific industry or work environment it relates to.

This is more than a simple checklist and there is more than general safety on the line. The keys to safety are being able to understand what is required and when.

Test and Tag Colours

Test and Tag colours are an important safety measure

To be safety compliant, it makes sense to have the in-service safety inspection and testing of any electrical equipment. If your workplace is a construction, mining, or demolition site, you need to ensure that whoever tests your equipment does so in accordance with the AS/NZS 3012:2010 standard for electrical installations.

Your entire worksite should undergo a full inspection including any electrical appliances and equipment that may be in use on your premises. Once proper testing has been completed, coloured tags should be attached to each device. The test and tag colours should match a corresponding interval for testing.

The tags should clearly identify when that test was completed and by whom, and when the next test and tag is due.

Depending on the nature of the business and the working environment, the tag will also contain information about which standard the test relates to.

Knowing what the test and tag colours mean helps you know when the next test date is approaching and which category has been chosen.

This needs to be part of a set schedule and not something that you leave to chance.

Test and Tag Colours

Test and Tag colours and labels

There are many important details that need to be included in the test and tag process.

A professional Test and Tag team will be able to look after your workplace.

Their skills and testing expertise should include tagging that is;

  1. Durable – with Test and Tag labels that are resistant to wear and tear or environmental factors.
  2. Non-metallic – Labels for the Test and Tag process will be non-metallic because of the issues of electrical conduction.
  3. One-off usage – the important information on a Test and Tag label should be specific to the appliance or equipment and for the specific period of time.

What does each of the colours for testing and tagging mean?

It depends on different industries and the workplace environment.

In the case of construction, demolition or mining worksites, all electrical equipment must be tested every 3 months. This is the maximum recommended interval as in accordance with the AS/NZS 3012:2010 Standard.

Four different coloured tags are applicable with the following colour coding;

  • Red tag: December, January, February
  • Green tag: March, April, May
  • Blue tag: June, July, August
  • Yellow tag: September, October, November

There are cases where the testing interval is longer.

This is when you need the expertise of a trusted professional in the Test and Tag field.

An expert team you can trust

There are as yet no set of rules for Test and Tag colours outside the fields of construction, demolition and mining.

With the experts at Jim’s Test & Tag, you can always be sure that your workplace is looked after by true professionals. The tagging process includes the ability to quickly and easily identify the person who last tested your appliances/equipment.

The Jim’s Test & Tag team are always accountable for the safety status of each inspected item.

To help make sure your workplace always meets the safety compliance regulations, you need to trust everything is done in proper order and with proper identification.

You can have an inspection of your entire workplace and any appliances and equipment tested and tagged by the experts. Having the benefits of a clear test and tag schedule and reminders of when the next appliance or equipment testing is due.

For the very best in test and tagging, there’s only one team you need to know. That’s Jim’s Test & Tag.

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