The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA) reminds every business that they have a responsibility to ensure the health and safety of workers, and others frequenting the business such as customers, visitors, children and young people.

A part of this, is the responsibility of electrical testing and tagging in the workplace. Over time, electrical equipment becomes old and tired, and starts malfunctioning. The only way you can have peace of mind is by regular test and tagging.

The first question to ask is, when was test and tagging last done in your premises?

Not all equipment needs to be tested and tagged with the same regularity. Some need more frequent testing and maintenance than others. One thing’s for sure, all electrical equipment needs to be tested regularly to ensure a safe business environment.

What electrical appliances need testing and tagging?

Electrical testing and tagging in the workplace is the best way to check how safe the appliance is at the time of testing.

It gives you peace of mind knowing the electrical appliances and equipment are being checked and maintained regularly. Any equipment that doesn’t pass the test is taken out of service and attended to immediately. This reduces the risk of injury or worse if there is faulty equipment.

Normally a professional third party will be involved in the test and tagging process, such as Jim’s Test & Tag. That way, the job is done right using the most up-to-date testing equipment.

What equipment needs to be tested and tagged?

To put it simply, if it’s electrical equipment, it needs to be tested and tagged.

It may be:

  • recently repaired
  • second hand or a hire item
  • brand new and being used for the first time

No matter which, you can’t take risks. Every piece of electrical equipment your employees use must be tested and tagged regularly by professionals to ensure it’s safe to use.

It’s important to note, that RCDs need to be tested and tagged as well. You’ll find them on switchboards, outlet sockets, and as portable RCD devices. Their purpose is to protect anyone coming into contact with live wires or faulty appliances or equipment. Because of how critical it is to safety, RCD protection needs to have test and tag procedures as well.

How often should equipment be tested and tagged?

Electrical testing and tagging in the workplace varies per appliance, according to the environment and/or the equipment. How often you test and tag depends on the nature of the equipment and the workplace. Electrical equipment used outdoors in damp conditions would need more frequent testing than an office computer.

Under normal circumstances, there’s a guide to refer to for test and tag frequency.

  • Demolition/construction environments (as per AS/NZS 3012): every 3 months
  • Factories, places of manufacture, assembly, maintenance, or fabrication: every 6 months
  • The environment where the equipment or supply flexible cord is subject to flexing in normal use or is open to abuse or is in a hostile environment: every 12 months
  • An environment where the equipment or supply cord is not subject to flexing in normal use and is not open to abuse and is not in a hostile environment: every 5 years
  • Residential areas such as hotels, motels, residential institutions, boarding houses, halls, hostels, accommodation houses: every 2 years
  • Commercial cleaning equipment: every 6 months
  • Hire equipment: inspection prior to hire
  • Hire equipment: every 3 months
  • Repaired, serviced, and second-hand equipment: after a repair, service, or on reintroduction to service

It’s important to do your part as well, such as regularly looking at cords and plugs to see if they’re damaged. And remember, your electrical equipment needs to have RCD protection especially in damp environments.

With a safer working environment, your business, staff (along with visitors and customers where applicable) are highly protected against faulty electrical equipment.

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