There can be several reasons why your RCD keeps tripping. By nature, an RCD is a safety switch. It works by continually monitoring the electrical current. If it detects a fault in the circuit, it responds by shutting down the flow of electricity. This helps protect anyone who may come in contact with that fault.

When an RCD is continually shutting down no matter how many times you reset it, it’s alerting you to an electrical fault that won’t go away until the fault’s been resolved. Immediate attention is needed to restore a safe work environment. It’s best to get Jim’s Test & Tag professionals to diagnose the fault. This is the safest way forward.

Causes for RCD Tripping

There are 3 key reasons why an RCD keeps shutting a circuit down.

These are:

  • An electrical appliance is faulty. Over time electrical appliances and equipment wear out, sometimes to the point of being unsafe to use. If an appliance is being used when it’s faulty the RCD will shut down the power, even when you reset the RCD. This is because the fault is still connected to the electrical circuit.
  • An electrical circuit is unsafe. One scenario could be in an older building where the insulation on the electrical wiring has become brittle or broken down, and the wires have become exposed and dangerous. This is a fire risk. The RCD helps prevent a fire by shutting down the power. Even when reset it will continue to shut down while the electrical circuit is unsafe.
Power circuit
  • Faulty RCD. RCDs need regular maintenance like all electrical equipment to ensure they continue operating safely. They’re not immune from developing faults.

Regardless of the problem, your RCD should be tested regularly to ensure it’s always working and always protecting you and your staff. Without this protection you leave yourself and your staff exposed to personal injury or worse.

There are legal implications of this, which you don’t want to have to deal with if there’s an incident due to lack of ongoing maintenance.

Who should diagnose why your RCD keeps tripping?

Sometimes RCDs will continually shut down the flow of electricity. You usually won’t know why and might be tempted to try and diagnose it yourself. When you’re operating a business you simply don’t have the time for resetting switches and running around trying to find out what the problem is. It interrupts your work. Apart from that, it can compromise your own safety.

It takes a highly experienced professional to diagnose why your RCD keeps tripping.

It’s best to get a test and tag team to look over it, such as Jim’s Test & Tag. With the right RCD safety switch testing equipment, they can diagnose the issue, remove any faulty appliances or equipment, and restore your electrical circuits to safety. That way you can get on with running your business, knowing it’s a safe environment for all.

Making your business a safe environment for you and your staff

Besides being a legal obligation, you owe it to your staff to ensure a safe workplace. There are simple things you can do to be proactive.

These include:

  • looking at power cords to check that they’re not frayed and that no wiring is exposed
  • moving electrical equipment away from any wet areas. Electrical equipment with frayed power cords or extension cords dragging along the ground in damp areas are a major hazard
  • decluttering benches and floor spaces. Keeping power boards and cables safely away from work areas, keeping the cords and cables tidy
  • storing electrical equipment safely. This includes winding the power cords up safely after use. This can extend the life of the equipment, and reduce the incidence of fraying and cord damage
  • making sure equipment is always turned off after use. The last thing you want is for the next person to come along and not check the equipment is turned off before plugging it in
  • ensuring power points are always off when not in use
  • not overloading power points, adapters, or power boards

By adhering to these simple worksafe measures, you can help to maintain a safer workplace.

Jim’s Test & Tag team are the experts you can rely on

Jim’s Test & Tag will be able to diagnose why your RCD keeps tripping.

The job is done correctly and efficiently using certified equipment. This gives you added peace of mind knowing that your business is in the hands of experienced professionals.

Jim’s Test & Tag are precise and thorough, and keep accurate records. With these records you can identify the person who last tested your appliances/equipment. We’re always accountable for the safety status of each item we inspect.

Your entire workplace can be inspected and tested, along with any appliance and equipment testing. With accurate records, you’ll have no doubts as to when the next appliance or equipment testing is due.

It’s the only way forward for business.

Get expert test and tagging from the trusted team – Jim’s Test & Tag.

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