Workplace safety isn’t just important, it’s crucial. Any mistakes or neglect can have devastating effects and in the worst case scenario – it could be fatal.

All electrical equipment must be safe to use at all times. Is yours?

With so much at stake if it’s not, you want to do all you can to make sure your electrical equipment is always in proper working order.

How can you manage all that?

Stay safe with the professional team who specialise in electrical testing and tagging services in Hamilton and beyond.

Jim’s Test & Tag are the team you can trust. You’ll have complete peace of mind knowing your electrical appliances and equipment meet all the latest electrical safety standards.

How important is electrical testing and tagging services in Hamilton?

What does ‘testing and tagging’ mean and what’s involved?

Every piece of equipment or appliance that connects to the electrical supply by a flexible cord or other device must be safe to use. That’s where a special inspection takes place where each item is properly tested and then tagged with clear record of the test.

People make the mistake of thinking that equipment that has just been repaired or never been used before doesn’t need to be tested. That is wrong. Testing and tagging means keeping everyone safe from the dangers of electrical shock.

Electrical safety is best left to the experts.

Jim’s Test & Tag are your expert team with services across New Zealand.

Jim’s Test & Tag keeps you safe

Here’s your chance to get the best electrical testing and tagging services in Hamilton and beyond.

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