When it comes to workplace safety, testing and tagging is vital. When it comes to your electrical appliances checking they are in proper working order is crucial. When do you do proper electrical appliances checking? Do you have the know-how? Do you have the time?

Making sure your workplace is as safe as possible is your duty and in your best interests. You don’t want to have any unnecessary worry hanging over you or the possibility of a real-life trag-edy on your conscience.

While workplace safety is your responsibility, having the right electrical appliances checking is best left to the professionals.

It could save you time, money and many sleepless nights.

Safety in the workplace is not a one-off

There’s no ‘one-size fits all’ approach to testing and tagging or checking electrical appliances.

It’s important to remember that even the equipment manufacturers themselves highly recommend testing at regular intervals to ensure the continual safety of any appliance.

The timing of electrical testing depends on the type of appliance as well as the environment and way in which it is used.

Checking the safety of any portable electrical appliances, no matter what size, is essential. That’s why it pays to have an up to date list of all the electrical appliances throughout your entire workplace in order for you to know that everything has been properly tested.

With professionals looking after your electrical testing and tagging services, you should have a running schedule of what, when and where each appliance has been tested. They should also provide you with a schedule of when the next testing is required.

The top reasons to have professionals looking after your test and tag process

There are more than a few reasons to have a professional team taking care of your testing and tagging. Here are just five of the most compelling;

1. You can always be sure you’ve done your best to remain workplace safe

2. Letting the experts take care of your testing means you have full test documentation

3. Letting the professionals do the job means you can concentrate on what you do best

4. Untested appliances could leave you liable in the event of an workplace incident

5. It is a way to ensure that you are meeting the requirements of insurance policy

The list goes on, but you will have the chance to get on with your primary role – the running of your business.

What happens with testing and tagging electrical appliances?

There are special tasks that need to be performed for a thorough test and tag of all equip-ment and appliances.

Having the know-how to recognise any issues before they become dangerous or even life-threatening is crucial.

A professional test and tag team will be able to determine any suspect electrical equipment or appliance where they will identify any damage or potential fault. This is then followed by electrically testing each piece of equipment with the required testing apparatus.

Once each individual item is tested, a special tag is placed on that item to confirm that it has been properly tested, who has completed the tested, and on which date. There will also be the added information of when the next test is due.


Why Testing & Tagging should never be ignored

There’s an important reason that any testing and tagging is done correctly and why you can’t afford to ignore it.

The key reason behind all testing and tagging is to make sure that anyone in your workplace is safe. This includes the important issue of coming into contact with any electrical appliance.

There are strict guidelines and regulations for the Test and Tag industry when it comes to electrical appliance testing as outlined in the AS/NZS 3760 In-Service Safety Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment.

The recommendations address a variety of issues such as test and tag intervals, who can perform the test and tag and broader guidelines.

Remember – as the employer, it’s your responsibility to have all electrical appliances tested.

Where do you find a professional team you can rely on?

They’re right here for you at Jim’s Test & Tag.

Why a Test and Tag is needed

It is important to remember that anything that plugs into the power is a threat to safety.

What appliances and equipment need to inspected can differ from workplace to workplace. That’s just another reason to have the experts at Jim’s Test & Tag looking after you.

The list of tests includes checking:

· if there is any damage and discolouration to equipment;

· all flexible cords are correctly attached and there is no twisting or exposure of inner cores;

· all operating controls are safe and secure, aligned and correctly identified;

· the rating of the equipment matches the rating of the plug;

All electrical equipment, including power tools, cooking and cleaning appliances and even RCDs should be tested and tagged.

Our technicians have the latest industry knowledge and only use certified equipment for electrical safety testing and tagging. You get the benefits of a reminder service too.

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