Worried your appliances aren’t lasting long enough? Sick of paying for repairs or searching for replacements? We know how frustrating it can be when you’re in the dark. If you know the average lifetime of your appliances, you can prevent a nasty surprise in the future. 

How long should appliances last? Thanks to research published by both Australian and New Zealand consumer rights groups, we have all the answers you need about the lifetime of your appliances. 

How long should appliances last?

Check out the following list of items, including information about life expectancy and whether it might be cheaper to find a replacement. We have collected our data from the 2018 Choice Australian consumer reliability survey, and the 2013 New Zealand Consumer member reliability survey. 

Appliance life expectancy is how long your device should last if it is used regularly and maintained over the years. Depending on the age and make of your appliance, it might cost less to replace it. 

At Jim’s Test & Tag, we serve businesses across New Zealand. The following appliances are some of the most common devices we find in use by our clients. Check out the list and let us know if you have any questions. 


Microwaves are relatively affordable. They are generally cheaper to replace after 6-15 years. Low budget microwaves should last around 6 years, while more expensive models can last for around 10 years. 


How long should a fridge last? We’ve all seen fridges from the 70s being used in share houses and at your grandparents’ place.  Unfortunately, the longer you use an older fridge, the less efficient they become – building up frost, overheating, overcooling, and making a lot of noise. 

A high-end fridge should last for around 13 years, whereas a budget fridge will last about 6. Fridges can be expensive, so depending on how much you spend, it can be cheaper to replace after 6-20 years. 

Toasters & Kettles 

It’s pretty hard to find someone to repair a toaster or a kettle, making it cheaper to replace them as soon as they are purchased. An expensive toaster should last for around 6 years, whilst a cheaper model will last 1-2 years. 

Printers & Scanners 

Wondering how much life your office appliances have left in them? High end printers should last for around 5 years and low budget should last around 2 years. They are cheaper to replace anywhere from 3 to 8 years. Most printers and scanners can be repaired for an affordable cost. 


Laptops repairs can be relatively cheap or very expensive. It all depends on the problem with your laptop. You need to look up the model of your laptop, get a repair quote, then check the retail value of a new model. 

In general, a good laptop can last for around 8 years (though the Apple store would still consider your device ‘antique’). According to Choice, laptops become cheaper to replace after 3-7 years. 

Portable Heaters 

How long should appliances last before they’re cheaper to replace? When it comes to portable heaters and fans, they are relatively cheap to buy, so you are probably better off just purchasing a replacement. Expensive heaters should last for around 9 years and budget ones should last four years. 

Electrical Testing Services 

At Jim’s Test & Tag, we provide appliance testing services for businesses all around New Zealand. If you run a business, you have a duty to provide a safe working environment. This includes regular electrical inspections. 

If we detect a fault in any of your appliances, many of our technicians are trained to do repairs. For more information, call us now for a quote or fill out the online form.