At Jim’s Test & Tag, we know how important the test and tag of any appliance can be.

Unfortunately, not everyone thinks about the testing and tagging of their electrical appliances, especially if it is brand new. It’s actually crucial that an appliance test and tag is done on all appliances no matter how new or old they are.

The last thing you want is to have the risk of an electric shock hanging over your head and put anyone who visits your workplace in danger.

The best rule of thumb to remember is that any electrical equipment – that’s anything that has a power cord needs to be properly tested and tagged.

By making sure your business and the entire workplace is compliant with the national safety standards gives you peace of mind. The last thing you need is to worry that you aren’t protecting your employees.

With a professional team who have completed a full appliance test and tag throughout your premises means you have a recorded evidence that your working environment meets the AS/NZS 3760 and the AS/NZS 3012 compliance.

With Jim’s Test & Tag on your side, you’ll be given a schedule and reminder of when your appliances and equipment needs to be tested in the future so you’re always safety compliant.

What appliances need to be tested?

All of your portable equipment needs to be properly tested. That includes power tools and small appliances. Always test appliances that are being used for the first time, or items that have recently been serviced or repair. Better to be safe than sorry.

Doing an inventory of all your appliances and electrical equipment has two advantages. It gives you the chance to notice anything that is a possible hazard and any equipment or appliance that has been forgotten, needs repair or may only be gathering dust.

It also helps give you a list of all the types of appliances you need to have tested and tagged. It’s important to remember that your equipment and appliances can include anything from toasters, coffee machines and kettles to portable heaters, power drills, circular saws and more.

With a truly professional team like Jim’s Test & Tag, you will always know that the job has been done properly and thoroughly.

You will have full details on the testing tag itself, including;

  • your company name,
  • the date of testing,
  • the safety standards
  • and, of course, the pass or fail

Having a full test report and log book of results means you have all the information you need. Of course, you can always ask our friendly team if you need anything clarified. Your safety and peace of mind is just as important to us.

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As an owner or operator of a business, you must provide a safe working environment for all employees and visitors to your workplace. If an electric shock happens anywhere on your premises it’s you who will be liable.

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