When it comes to keeping New Zealand businesses safe, we are experts. Electrical safety is our business. We provide inspection and testing services in accordance with national electrical safety regulations. We do this for a couple of reasons.  On one hand, the preventative work we do reduces the chances of an accident happening in your workplace. On the other hand, we can make sure you are compliant with legislation and will pass your WorkSafe inspection. 

WorkSafe electrical safety inspections are conducted regularly. Each year, health and safety inspectors carry out 12,500 workplace assessments across New Zealand. These are proactive inspections – they usually won’t be triggered by an accident or event – you may be visited out of the blue for an audit. 

In order to help you manage electrical safety at work, there are a number of WorkSafe resources available online. Today, we’ll give you a brief overview of some of the information on offer and some advice about which of our services would be useful in your workplace. 

WorkSafe Electrical Safety Resources 

You might have figured out by now that electrical testing and tagging is our specialty. WorkSafe have an entire section of their website dedicated to the testing and tagging of electrical appliances. As mentioned on their website, appliance testing and tagging is a useful way to get a snap shot of how safe the appliance is at the time of testing. Regular testing will catch faults before they cause any harm. 

Some of our most common clients are organisations that conduct work on construction and demolition sites. Their are a wealth of resources on the WorkSafe website dealing specifically with the electrical risks in this type of environment. There are specific NZ electrical regulations that deal with these risks. You can download a useful PDF here. 

Energy Safety NZ

In conjunction with Energy Safety NZ, WorkSafe have released a number of useful videos about electrical safety. These videos are really helpful if you want clear information to show to your employees regarding electrical safety. 

This video highlights a common problem at many workplaces around New Zealand. Too many people overload power boards and don’t realise that their actions are potentially fatal. Check out the video below: 

This WorkSafe electrical safety video (starring our friend Claude the Cat) focusses on the dangers around portable RCDs. Residual current devices provide circuit protection that can prevent an electrical shock. Familiarise yourself with the common mistakes by watching this video: 

Simple mistakes – like not plugging your appliances in properly – can lead to harm in the workplace. You can share this video with your team (or on social media) to make sure people are reminded to use electrical appliances in a safe way. Check out the video about loose connections below: 

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