At Jim’s Test & Tag, we help businesses manage dangerous electrical appliances before they cause anyone harm. With regular electrical appliance testing, you can identify a faulty appliance before it starts a fire or gives someone an electrical shock. 

To give you a bit more information about what we do, we’ve made a list of some of the most dangerous electrical appliances we have come across on the job.

What makes an appliance dangerous? 

Most of the time, the actual appliance isn’t to blame. Too often we come across appliances that are not being used correctly. If you follow the manufacturer instructions, you can reduce the chance of harm in your building. Here are some of the common electrical hazards we find, thanks to incorrect usage. 

Power Boards/Leads/Adaptors
Overloading your power boards, using multiple extension leads, and multiple adaptors will increase the chance of your appliances developing a fault. Check the currency rating on all of your appliances and make sure they match up with the capacity on your distribution equipment. If one of your appliances uses too much power, it can overload your circuits and cause a fire. You will be safer if you plug your appliances directly into the outlet. 

Using Damaged Goods
If you can see that the power cord on your appliance is frayed, you need to stop using it immediately. If you can see sparks when you plug your appliance into an outlet, you need to stop using it immediately. Stop using damaged goods now and have them tested and repaired if you want to salvage them. 

Dangerous electrical appliances often trip your RCD and switch off the power. If you’ve noticed that every time you use the kettle, the power switches off, it might be time to buy a new one. 

Recalled Items
You can keep track of dangerous items by visiting the national product recalls website. You can subscribe to updates so you get an alert when a new recall is released. If one of your appliances has been recalled, you will either get a refund, full replacement, or replacement part. 

Maintain your Appliances 

So, you’ve probably figured out by now that any appliance can be dangerous if it is not maintained. Every item that plugs in needs to be tested. At Jim’s Test & Tag, we test a range of items for businesses across the nation. Here is a list of some of the dangerous electrical appliances we have identified in workplaces across New Zealand: 

  • Cooking equipment: kettles, microwaves, hand held mixers, coffee machines 
  • Cleaning equipment: vacuum cleaners, pressure washers 
  • Construction equipment: power tools 
  • Power distribution: power cords, power boards, adaptors 
  • White goods: fridges, washing machines, dryers, dehumidifiers 
  • Heaters and fans 

The best way to eliminate hazards in your working environment is with regular inspections. Our technicians work according to electrical safety NZ standards to make sure your business is both safe and compliant. Many of our team members are qualified to carry out repairs – if we find a faulty appliances, we might be able to fix it for you. 

For more information about our services or to book an inspection, please call 0800 454 654 or fill in the online form for a free quote. Don’t delay.