Are you looking for electrical testing and tagging services that you can count on for the long term? While there are quite a few service providers in the market that you can choose from, not all of them are worth your time. Some test and tag companies might not be able to meet your expectations or adhere to the latest in safety standards, so you have to be careful about who you do business with.

To help preserve your peace of mind and make sure your business remains safe, remember to only work with reliable service providers that can guarantee a job well done. Here’s a checklist of requirements you should look for when going through your options to help you assess a provider’s qualifications and guarantee a positive test and tag service.

Checklist for Choosing a Test and Tag Service

The following checklist consists of things you should look into before deciding to work with a specific service provider. Remember to ask these questions as you narrow down your options.

The Essentials

● Do they comply with pertinent standards and requirements in your locality?

● Do they have updated public liability and workers’ compensation insurance policies?

● Do they provide safe work method statements (SWMS or similar)?

● Has their testing equipment been recently calibrated with proper certifications?

Testing and Tagging

● Can they perform the necessary tests for each class and type of device/appliance?

● Can they perform additional tests, including leakage testing and RCD testing?

● Can they provide retesting services at the prescribed intervals?

● Do they provide a full set of reports, including the actual test readings?

● Do they use a colour-coding system for their testing and tagging?

● Do they attach warning tags to defective devices and remove them from service?

After-Service Support

● Do they compile testing results, records, and reports for your reference?

● Do they have a system or service to help you keep track of required testing schedules and ensure that you don’t miss any of them?

● Do they provide feedback on your current electrical setup and workplace safety policies and provide correct recommendations for improvement?

● Do they provide ongoing support through a help desk or similar channels?

If any of these questions are answered with a “No,” then it’s likely in your best interest to move on and look elsewhere. A service provider that doesn’t meet all these requirements would not be the best choice, which can compromise the integrity of the testing process and put your business at risk.

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Test and Tag Experts That Tick All the Boxes

If you want to skip the whole process of interviewing different test and tag companies, Jim’s Test & Tag is at your service. We have qualified technicians all over the country, ensuring that dependable test and tag experts are always within your reach.

We’re happy to handle all your test and tag needs through a range of services, including regular inspections, maintenance, records management, and safety compliance:

● Reminder Service – We will let you know before your equipment and appliances are due again for retesting so you don’t forget your next test and tag appointment.

● Data Management Service – Aside from furnishing you with copies of your testing reports, we also keep accurate records of the results for you.

● Recommendations for Repairs or Replacements of Faulty Items – We can provide you with recommendations regarding faulty items that need to be repaired or replaced.

● Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) – Every time we visit your place of business, we will conduct a risk assessment of your environment and report any hazards to you.

We have everything you need for electrical safety in one team, giving you guaranteed peace of mind. This is why Jim’s Test & Tag is the most trusted name for electrical test and tag services all throughout New Zealand.

Get a free quote on our electrical testing and tagging services, or give us a call at 0800 454 654 to learn more.