Electrical testing and tagging services ensures your electrical devices, appliances, and equipment are safe to use. You need to do it regularly for it to be effective, but there might be times when some of your equipment fails inspection.

What do you do when your equipment fails this inspection? Here’s what to consider.


3 Things to Do After Failing a Test and Tag Inspection

1. Stop Using It Immediately

Equipment that fails testing should be immediately removed from the workplace and taken out of commission, including any pre-scheduled work. Additionally, the details of the failed inspection must be documented. A durable tag must also be attached, warning people not to use the equipment.

2. Repair or Replace

Determine whether to repair failed equipment so that it can be safely reintroduced, or to replace it entirely if it’s more practical to do so. Once repaired or replaced, remember to have the equipment inspected again so that a fresh tag can be attached and the details of any actions taken are also recorded in the logs.

3. Ask Service Provider for Recommendation

You can also ask your service provider for a recommendation. They’ll help you find the best option for repairing or replacing your equipment, potentially helping you find a solution you wouldn’t have considered on your own.

The Risks of Skipping Regular Testing and Tagging

 1. Increased risk for electrical shock

Working with faulty equipment can cause electrocution that leads to muscle spasms, burns, nervous system malfunction, and cardiac arrest.

2. Damage to your property

Faulty equipment is also prone to sparks, fires, and explosions that may cause damage to your property.

3. Legal issues and consequences

Failing to conduct regular testing and tagging can also result in legal consequences that may result in financial liabilities and further damage to your business.


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The Test and Tag Experts You Can Rely On

For a dependable service provider to inspect your equipment, reach out to our fully qualified and friendly team of expert technicians. Our technicians have the latest industry knowledge, ensuring you meet the correct safety standards and receive the best service.

We also provide a reminder service for different appliances and environments, so you won’t lose track of your electrical tag and testing compliance requirements.

  • Reminder Service – We will let you know before your equipment and appliances are due again for retesting so you don’t forget your next appointment
  • Data Management Service – Aside from furnishing you with copies of your testing reports, we also keep accurate records of the results for you.
  • Recommendations for Repairs or Replacements of Faulty Items – We can provide you with recommendations regarding faulty items that need to be repaired or replaced.
  • Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) – Every time we visit your place of business, we will conduct a risk assessment of your environment and report any hazards to you.

We have everything you need for electrical safety in one team, giving you guaranteed peace of mind. This is why Jim’s Test & Tag is the most trusted name for electrical testing and tagging services all throughout New Zealand.


Get a free quote on our testing and tagging services, or give us a call at 0800 454 654 to learn more.