Is your workplace as safe as it could be when it comes to electrical testing and tagging services?

It’s essential that you know you have done all you can to make your premises as safe and secure as possible. Do you know all the ins and outs of what needs to be checked and how to do it?

There are many questions that may be beyond you and where professional advice and service can be your saviour.

Just how important is something like earth loop impedance testing?

You want to know that if something goes wrong, and it can happen almost anywhere and anytime, that you have the right electrical safety measures in place.

With electricity as a powerful source of energy, you also have the danger that comes with uncontrolled power. That is why testing and tagging equipment and power sources is essential to workplace safety.

The last thing you need is to be worried that you haven’t ensured that your place is as safe as possible.

What is earth loop impedance testing?

When it comes to electrical safety, earthing electrical power correctly is crucial.

The fact that electricity will always find the easiest path it can travel on its way to the ground. A building’s electrical wiring are commonly connected to the ground in what is known as an earth return circuit.

When a circuit fault occurs, the electrical current passes through the grounding wire to safety.

If that electrical passage goes wrong, you can have serious damage caused to the whole electrical system. You can be putting yourself, your staff and any visitors to your worksite in danger.

That is not something you ever want hanging over your head.

earth loop impedance testing

How is electrical resistance measured?

To get a little technical for a moment – when electrons move through a conductor, such as a metal wire, an electric current is flowing. These moving electrons can collide with the ions in the metal which makes the flow of the electrical current more difficult. This is what causes electrical resistance.

Electrical resistance is actually a measurement of how the path of an electrical current is affected.

In the case of a fault current, the resistance in that important grounding wire must be low in order for the current safely travel into the ground.

An overly high resistance in the earth return circuit can lead to a dangerous situation.

With an earth return circuit that is too high, the fault current may be too low to be properly detected if the earth return circuit is too high. This allows the fault current to continue passing along the main circuit – and a short circuit can occur.

Circuit protection is a special safeguard in electrical systems. It is installed to detect activity along the earth wiring and should activate when the current is detected. The danger is that circuit protection may not operate at all if the resistance is too high.

A fault current should be strong to trigger your circuit protection. If any fault current remains undetected, electrical circuits may overheat and then catch on fire.

The safety of testing

To be sure about your electrical safety, you need to have regular earth loop impedance testing done by professionals.

This testing – sometimes called simply ‘loop testing’ – is to ensure that if and when a fault occurs in an electrical installation, that there is enough current flow to set off the circuit breaker. Then the faulty circuit will be properly protected to avoid overheating and fire danger.

The earth loop impedance must be operating at a specific level and the only way to maintain the correct level for safety purposes is to perform professional testing on a regular basis.

If you do not follow up with continued earth loop impedance testing, then you are leaving your workplace at the mercy of your electrical circuitry.

With anything electrical, you may not get a second chance.

This is when experts in electrical testing come into the equation. With trusted professionals on the job, you can have true peace of mind.

earth loop impedance testing

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