Why RCD safety switch testing in Wellington is important

Without the best in RCD safety switch testing in Wellington, you could be risking the health and safety of anyone at your workplace.

RCD safety switches are an integral part of keeping everyone at your workplace safe from the dangers of electric shock. Recognizing faulty electrical equipment is not always easy. Using a specialized testing service team means you can avoid the dangers of faulty equipment and the risk of fire they can bring.

Protection from such faults is crucial, especially when you consider the high rate of fires caused by faulty electrical equipment throughout New Zealand.

If you’re not familiar with RCDs and what they do, then you’re not alone. The most common term for them is safety switches whereas the industry term is Residual Current Devices (RCDs). These are small and important electrical devices that sit within your switchboard. They can only be installed by a qualified electrician.

If there isn’t an RCD installed at your workplace, then don’t put off having this special safety device installed any longer.

How do RCDs work?

RCDs can detect even very small electrical faults. Once a fault is detected, they instantly trip and cut off the power supply. This is the most efficient way to prevent both electrical shocks and circuits from overheating and catching fire. It’s easy to see why this is such an important safety measure and a proven lifesaving device.

The most important thing to know and that RCSs, just like any other electrical equipment, can develop faults of their own. This is precisely why proper testing of any RCDs is crucial.

This specialized testing should only be performed by a fully trained professional.

Jim’s Test & Tag NZ is the trusted team for quality RCD testing services in NZ

Get the best RCD safety switch testing in Wellington and throughout NZ from the experts at Jim’s Test & Tag NZ.

If RCDs aren’t performing properly they are a serious safety hazard. After all, you have installed them to perform a critical safety function. A faulty RCD means you, your staff, and your premises are left unprotected.

Jim’s Test & Tag NZ technicians provide the ultimate in all Test & Tag NZ services including RCD safety switch testing. Only the very best in professional RCD testers are used. This means a full check can be made on the device, a measure of the trip time, or the disconnect time, for every one of your RCDs.

Having fully trained, professional technicians looking after you gives you complete peace of mind. The team uses special certified equipment and the latest methods to ensure your electrical equipment is always fully tested and maintained in safe working order.

For regular inspection, testing, and maintenance, Jim’s Test & Tag NZ is the team you can rely on. You get the highest quality testing and tagging so you can focus on running your business.

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