It’s mandatory that you provide a safe workplace for your employees. This means engaging regular electrical testing and tagging services, but not just by anyone.

If you’re in the north island, you need the professional services of Jim’s Test and Tag Auckland and beyond. These are the quality services that all of New Zealand has come to rely on.

There are several key reasons why Jim’s Test & Tag are the trusted team:

  • highly qualified technicians who use the latest portable appliance testers
  • our testers are regularly maintained
  • unlike our competitors, Jim’s Test & Tag calibrate their tools every year

For peace of mind, you need the best test and tag team in the country.

The appliances and equipment that need regular testing

All electrical appliances and equipment need to be in full and safe working order, whether they’re fixed or portable. Each one must be tested and tagged to ensure they are properly functioning at the time of testing.

It’s not just a matter of inspecting the devices. Some faults may not be visible when you look at the equipment. They might only be revealed through professional testing, which is why you need the best in test and tag Auckland business owners swear by.

Testing needs to be performed on each and every piece of electrical equipment and all appliances, regardless of whether it’s:

  • Being used for the first time
  • Already being used
  • Was recently serviced or repaired
  • Returned to service from a second-hand sale
  • Available for hiring out

You can’t afford to ignore the warnings. Test and tag is critical. You need professional test and tag experts who know what they’re doing.

You can trust Jim’s Test & Tag

For a true professional test and tag in Auckland and beyond, turn to Jim’s Test & Tag.

You can rely on the experienced technicians at Jim’s Test & Tag to ensure all your electrical equipment and appliances are maintained in proper working order. This testing will be done at intervals set out in the AS/NZS3760 Standard using certified equipment. Contact Jim’s Test & Tag now. Fill in the online form for a free quote.