portable appliance testing in Auckland

It can often be a serious and even a tragic mistake for you to think you can forget or ignore proper fire safety procedures. Preventing the danger of a fire because of faulty equipment is vital. That’s why it’s just as critical to have portable appliance testing in Auckland as it is in any other place in New Zealand.

Fire can breakout anywhere, in any climate and in multiple situations. As the employer, you need reliable testing and tagging procedures in place so that electrical appliances are maintained in full and safe working order. It’s not just a recommendation, it’s your legal obligation. Protect your workplace with help from the professionals.

It’s not only the workplace that needs to be checked. Disasters can also occur with faulty portable electrical appliances in the home. Protecting your family and your property is the top priority.

That’s why it pays to talk to the experts at Jim’s Test & Tag technicians. They specialise in testing domestic and commercial electrical equipment and appliances to ensure they’re maintained in accordance with the latest government standards.

The types of portable appliance testing in Auckland

A portable appliance is any electrical appliance that can be moved around. It’s easy in a factory environment to forget that this also means appliances in the kitchen.

There are all manner of portable appliances in the home, ranging from portable heaters and vacuum cleaners to toasters, irons, microwaves, hair dryers and more. Whatever uses electricity needs to be carefully inspected and regularly tested.

This is whether they’re:

  • already in use,
  • new and being used for the first time,
  • returned to service after repairing or servicing,
  • purchased at a second-hand shop, or
  • hired for temporary use.

Remember, portable appliance testing also includes the likes of extension leads, power boards, adaptors, and portable RCDs (safety switches).

To make sure proper testing and tagging has been carried out, you need the experts with the correct testing equipment.

Maintain a safe home and workplace by using the experts at Jim’s Test & Tag

The fully qualified and experienced technicians at Jim’s Test & Tag can perform regular inspection, testing, and maintenance at your work or home, anytime it suits. They only use certified testing equipment which gives you true peace of mind.

For portable appliance testing in Auckland, use qualified technicians you can rely on; that’s Jim’s Test & Tag. Get your appliance testing happening today. There’s no point putting it off any longer.

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