Who are the top portable appliance testers in Christchurch?

Having the very best team of portable appliance testers in Christchurch means you can breathe easy, knowing you have experts looking after you.

The great thing about Jim’s Test & Tag technicians is they are specialists in thorough and professional testing of both domestic and commercial electrical equipment and appliances.

The trouble with portable appliances is that because they are moved around so often, this adds to their chances of something going wrong. That something wrong could be seriously dangerous for anyone who uses that appliance or equipment.

It’s not enough to think that you can run your eyes over an item to find any safety defects. While the majority of defects can be seen with the naked eye, other issues will only be discovered by special electrical testing methods.

Why it pays to have the best portable appliance testers on your side

A portable appliances cover a whole range of different items. To be sure you have safe equipment and appliances, it makes sense to have them professionally tested and tagged.

It doesn’t matter if or whether those appliances or equipment are:

  • already in use,
  • being used for the first time,
  • returning to use after repairing or servicing,
  • purchased at a second-hand store, or
  • hired for temporary use.

Remember, portable appliances cover everything from power and extension leads, power boards, adapters, and portable RCDs (safety switches).

Proper portable appliance testing and tagging needs to be done with the right testing equipment and skills. That’s where one team leads the way.

Stay safe with help from the experts at Jim’s Test & Tag

The team at Jim’s Test & Tag are your trusted professionals.

Fully trained and always up to date with the latest safety standards. They can perform regular inspection, testing, and maintenance at your work or home, at a time that suits you. Because they only ever use certified testing equipment, you get complete peace of mind.

For the very best portable appliance testers in Christchurch, talk to the top team in testing and tagging; that’s Jim’s Test & Tag. Contact us now or fill in the online form for a free quote.