Each and every workplace comes with its own risks and dangers, however small they may seem. The question is, do you know how to identify hazards in the workplace?

From a small office to a large construction site, there are hazards that can be clear to see as well as those that often go unnoticed. It’s the hazards that go ‘under the radar’ that are often the most dangerous of all and that’s where you need professionals to help you stay safe and compliant.

Workplace hazards come in many different forms and with very different risks to the safety of your staff, your assets and your ability to function properly.

The keys to workplace safety are assessing risks and minimising the damage that can be done.

To prevent a dangerous incident, it is crucial to know what the possible causes are that could lead to it.

The variety of workplace hazards

It is often easier to see workplace hazards on a larger scale such as scaffolding, rather than a seemingly innocuous set up such as an overloaded power outlet. Sometimes it can be faulty electrical wiring and the actual safety equipment that is a danger.

The risks at work come in different forms and it can be difficult to know how to identify hazards in the workplace because of the variety of task being performed. The most serious hazards include;

Electrical hazards

The danger of electrical hazards at any workplace cannot be ignored. Electrical equipment in wet areas is one of the more obvious concerns, but so too is the possible damage or wear and tear of electrical equipment, cords and cables.

All electrical equipment should be regularly tested and tagged to ensure it is safe to use and is safely stored away. The risk of electrocution is too serious a matter to turn a blind eye to or ignore.

how to identify hazards in the workplace

Hazardous substances

There are a number of substances and chemicals used throughout an ordinary work day. The most common concern is the danger from oil and fuel, glues and disinfectants, paints and solvents, as well as other cleaning products.

These hazardous substances can easily catch fire and even explode with tragic consequences. There is also the danger of breathing in the vapours of these quite toxic materials.

Vehicle and equipment safety

Vehicles of any type, including hand operated forklifts and trolleys can pose a risk. There should always be proper and regular training in how and where vehicles are used and

Tools and other equipment are a common ingredient in many workplace accidents. The dangers can stem from a general oversight or poor handling. The problems range from;

  • Poor quality and design
  • Mechanical failure
  • Lack of safety guards
  • Not factoring in the workplace conditions
  • Misuse where tools or equipment are not used for their correct purpose

The risk of serious injury and even death is possible in many different scenarios and is nearly always preventable.

Having the correct tools and equipment for the chosen tasks seems like an obvious requirement but too many workplaces have the incorrect or even faulty tools to do the job safely.

Ignoring issues like obvious wear and tear, or unsafe use of any workplace equipment is dangerous.   

One of the key points in knowing how to identify hazards in the workplace is checking equipment is fit for purpose, properly maintained and is fully compliant.

This is where the experts at Jim’s Test and Tag can be invaluable.

You can be sure that your workplace risks and hazards are properly identified and all electrical equipment and devices (including often neglected items such as a microwave oven) are professionally tested and tagged.

It’s the best way to give yourself peace of mind. You can also access the services of Jim’s Fire Safety for issues relating to your risk of fire and maintaining your fire equipment.

how to identify hazards in the workplace

The ever reliable team at Jim’s Test & Tag

For a thorough and professional workplace inspection and testing, there’s only one team you need to know – that’s Jim’s Test & Tag.

Fully trained and using only certified testing equipment, Jim’s Test & Tag offer their expertise to ensure your workplace is as work safe as possible.

Being up to date with the latest changes in workplace regulations and legislation means you are fully compliant at all times. With Jim’s Test & Tag, you’re protected on every level, and you’ll always know when the next appliance or equipment testing is due.

Work safety requires regular electrical testing and tagging services, and Jim’s Test & Tag is always here for you.

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