Finding trusted fire protection testing services in Christchurch is easy

If you want your workplace to be as safe as possible for you, your staff, and onsite visitors, you need to have all your fire safety equipment maintained in proper working order. This requires the services of test and tag experts.

For the best fire protection testing services, you need Jim’s Test & Tag.

Our technicians are highly trained in fire safety testing. We ensure all your fire protection equipment is maintained in accordance with the latest regulations.

With our many years of experience keeping businesses safe in New Zealand, you can rely on us to help keep your business safe here in Christchurch. This gives you the added peace of mind you need.

The range of fire protection testing services in Christchurch

As anyone who runs a business knows, having the right fire protection equipment is essential in the event of fire.

This equipment includes:

  • fire extinguishers
  • fire blankets
  • fire hose reels

If a fire breaks out, you will need to use this equipment immediately. You can’t run the risk of them not functioning properly. Each need to be kept in perfect working order. If not, they can deteriorate which can cause them to fail. The only way to guarantee they are functioning is through regular testing and maintenance.

This involves engaging expert fire protection testing services in Christchurch.

At Jim’s Test & Tag, we perform professional inspection, testing, and maintenance of all fire safety equipment to ensure they are always ready to go in the event of a fire. Depending on the workplace, testing occurs at least once a year and is performed in accordance with NZS 4503:2005.

To make it easy for you and your business operations, we can visit your workplace anytime that suits you.

Always play it safe by using Jim’s Test & Tag

Not sure if your fire extinguishers, fire blankets, fire hose reels are in proper working order? Whether it’s Christchurch, Wellington, Hamilton, Auckland or anywhere on the North or South islands, you can have the best fire protection testing services in New Zealand.

Jim’s Test & Tag is right here, ready to respond.

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