Each and every workplace in New Zealand must comply with the strict New Zealand standards for wiring and installation. Workplace safety is not something you can ignore or forget. It’s a legal requirement with heavy penalties for those who fail to meet their obligations.

For the best in electrical testing and tagging, you need the top technicians working for you. You need a team who is up-to-date with all the latest rules and regulations.

If you work with electrical equipment of any kind and/or with live wiring, you need to ensure that your worksite is fully compliant with the safety standards.

That’s where the team at Jim’s Test & Tag can help keep your working environment safe.

The best testing and tagging in Wellington

When it comes to electrical equipment and wiring, too many workplaces have breached in safety standards. More often than not, those breaches are serious ones.

This is why you need a professional team who can carry out all tests and inspections according to the current New Zealand safety standards. Testing requirements are set out by the AS/NZS 3000:2000 standard for Wiring Rules.

Testing is mandatory throughout New Zealand.

To be sure you and your workplace are safe, you need the services of experts with the right testing equipment. This includes having the best electrical wire tester in Wellington.

Jim’s Test & Tag are able to perform scheduled inspection, testing, and maintenance of all electrical equipment and earth loop impedance testing.

Stay safe by using Jim’s Test & Tag

It’s easier than ever to have your electrical testing and tagging looked after properly. You get true peace of mind knowing that the true professionals at Jim’s Test & Tag are looking after you. Get the experts who only use certified equipment for all electrical testing and tagging to make sure your workplace is safe.

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