When it comes to workplace safety, you don’t get second chances.

A key aspect is making sure all your electrical equipment is safe.

It’s not something to leave to chance or to try and do it all alone. You need an expert team who specialise in electrical testing and tagging services in Christchurch and beyond.

Jim’s Test & Tag are the experts you can trust. You can rest assured that your electrical equipment and appliances are safe and fully compliant with the latest electrical safety standards. It helps to have the true professionals looking after you.

Is electrical testing and tagging services in Christchurch really that important?

What exactly is ‘testing and tagging’?

Any piece of equipment or appliance that connects to the electrical supply by a flexible cord or other device needs to be tested and tagged that it is safe to use.

That is all electrical equipment. It doesn’t matter if that equipment is being used before, or if it has only just been repaired. Everybody at your workplace needs to be protected from the dangers of faulty electrical equipment.

Remember, safety is your responsibility. It’s also important to remember that electrical safety is best left to the professionals.

Jim’s Test & Tag are a team of experts – ready whenever you need us for the ultimate in electrical testing and tagging services throughout New Zealand.

Stay safe with help from Jim’s Test & Tag

What electrical equipment do you have and how safe is it? That’s where you need the best electrical testing and tagging services in the Christchurch area.

Make sure you are protected now. We’re right here and we’re ready to visit your business or workplace at a time that suits you.

Give us a call here at Jim’s Test & Tag today on 0800 454 654 for a free quote or if you need more details on any of our professional services.