Safety at the workplace is vital. This includes ensuring that all your electrical testing and tagging requirements are met. Without proper and thorough testing and tagging, your electrical safety could be at risk. That means that your employees and even visitors to your workplace are unnecessarily put in harm’s way.

Workplace safety is a duty of care of every New Zealand employer. If your electrical equipment or an appliance hasn’t been properly tested and tagged, then you could be held liable if there is an accident or incident.

You don’t need that worry hanging over your head. That’s why it pays to use the quality services of the test and tag experts.

That’s Jim’s Test & Tag.

What needs electrical testing and tagging in Auckland?

There can be any number of different electrical equipment and appliances in a workplace. It is easy to forget exactly what you have on site and when was the last time it was checked for its safety. A simple inspection could show serious breaches in safety standards, such as an extension lead or electrical cable with a badly frayed end.

That is just one of many everyday examples of what could and should undergo testing and tagging.

In the end, the most crucial thing to remember is that any equipment that connects to the electricity supply needs to be tested and tagged.

This includes equipment and appliances that are:

  • Already in use
  • Brand new and being used for the first time
  • Returned to service after repairing or servicing
  • Acquired second hand
  • Hired for temporary use

Specifically, this means testing:

  • All electrical equipment
  • All electrical extension leads, power boards, power points
  • RCDs (safety switches)
  • Portable RCDs
  • All electrical appliances in the kitchen including microwaves
  • and more

This is when you need the services of experts with the right testing equipment.

Jim’s Test & Tag performs regular professional inspection, testing, and maintenance of all electrical equipment at intervals set out in the AS/NZS3760 Standard.

To ensure you can maintain normal business operations, we can visit your workplace at a time that suits you.

Stay safe by using Jim’s Test & Tag

Make sure you meet the electrical testing and tagging requirements in Auckland or wherever you are in New Zealand, by enlisting the help of the true professionals at Jim’s Test & Tag. You can have the experts who only use certified equipment for all electrical testing and tagging look after you and your workplace.

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