Why earth fault loop impedance in Tauranga is critical

Maintaining a safe workplace requires expert electrical testing and tagging and testing earth fault loop impedance in Tauranga.

Electrical safety isn’t just an issue to look at once or twice a year. With proper and professional testing and tagging services which include ensuring a safely maintained earth fault loop impedance are crucial.

Keeping your workplace is safe and secure from the dangers of electrical faults isn’t always easy. It can be extremely difficult to do when you are dealing with all the issues that come with running a business.

Too often, the dangers of faulty electrical circuits can be overlooked. Electrical faults with equipment, power tools, and wiring can be life-threatening. That is not something you want to have to constantly worry about.

It is possible to do all you can to ensure your workplace is as safe as possible all year round. That’s where you need the help of expert technicians.

Why earth loop impedance is crucial

The importance of earth fault loop impedance can be confusing to most people.

Electrical wiring needs to have a connection to the ground for safety reasons. The design and installation of all electrical circuits in NZ must meet the minimum Standard requirements. This basic safety requirement is to protect people from ‘indirect contact’ with live parts. The most common way to meet this need is to have automatic disconnection of the power in place.

Each circuit must disconnect from the power supply in a specified time. The total impedance of the earth fault loop path must be low enough to allow ensure the protective device operates within that specified time.

If the earth loop impedance is too high, the resistance might mean that the circuit protection doesn’t operate at all. As electrical equipment is used over time, it may start to deteriorate and either stop working or catch fire. That is the danger you want to avoid at all costs.

Faulty equipment and wiring can go undetected without earth fault loop impedance. This is when they can overheat and start a fire.

It is vital that you have your earth fault loop impedance regularly checked.

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