It is often difficult to ensure that you are on top of all your work safety issues. Managing the day to day running of your business is hard enough without adding the added weight of having to know the latest in workplace safety regulations and if you are fully compliant.

That’s why it makes sense to put your trust in a reliable team when it comes to the Test and Tag legal requirements in NZ you need to meet.

Unfortunately, testing and tagging of electrical equipment is too often ignored or forgotten. The consequences can be devastating and possibly even fatal.

Starting at the beginning

Testing and Tagging is crucial to businesses across a whole range of industries throughout New Zealand. It’s not necessarily top of mind for most business owners and managers.

It’s important to remember that whatever industry you are in, every workplace is different and has its own Test and Tag legal requirements in NZ.

This is why workplace safety standards are there to outline the intervals at which testing and tagging of appliances needs to be carried out in each industry.

These different workplace standards relate to the various industries which can make it difficult for some business owners to stay on top of their Testing and Tagging.

The more equipment is used and where that use occurs means a more frequent test and tag schedule. Where electrical equipment is stored is also a contributing factor.

Here are some key examples;

The building and construction industry work requires a high level of electrical equipment and portable appliance use. This is usually done on a daily basis and often in harsh environments which increases the chances of damage to tools, appliances and equipment.

It is recommended to have such equipment and appliances tested and tagged every 3 months.

The wide variety of electrical equipment and appliances used within factories, warehouses and production facilities sector are used on a high frequency basis. It is essential to have these items tested and tagged every 6 months.

Other workplaces have different needs but one area to look out for are those workplaces and work sites that are considered hostile environments.

This is where there is a significant risk of appliances being exposed to moisture, dust, and corrosion as well as physical damage. It’s easy to see how complacency can take the place of compliance in relation to electrical tools and devices.

There are other industries where tools, equipment and appliances are at risk of being overused. This is when regular testing and tagging can help ensure that the workplace equipment is safe.

The safety of your workplace cannot wait.

Electrical Safety Regulations

The NZ Electrical Safety Regulations 2010 legislation was put in place to safeguard the supply and use of electricity in New Zealand.

The regulations cover;

· A list of the standards applicable to the regulations

· What is safe and unsafe regarding electrical safety

· The correct installation and maintenance of appliances and fittings

· Information regarding records and proof of compliance

· Details of what happens if you commit an offence. There is a PDF download available via the WorkSafe NZ website – just Click Here.

Test and Tag legal requirements in NZ
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Making sure you are Test & Tag Compliant

There are several electrical safety testing regulations you need to adhere to in New Zealand.

You could attempt to look after everything yourself but ask yourself a few key questions:

1. Are you the best person to look after workplace safety?

2. Is this the best use of your time?

3. Will you be able to stay up to date with changes to the regulations?

4. Is it better to leave the task to a team of trusted professionals?

Unless you are sure that you can answer ‘Yes’ to the first three questions, then you are better to enlist the services of a reliable team who can look after all your Test and Tag requirements.

Remember, everything that plugs into power poses a threat and regular inspections minimise the danger of something going wrong. Without those checks, you are putting employees and visitors to your workplace at unnecessary risk.

Electrical Safety is an ongoing concern

Testing and tagging is a critical step in workplace safety. Having that special Test and Tag team take you through everything they have tested and tagged and what you need to do to maintain things is invaluable. A key thing to remember is that those procedures cannot guarantee your electrical safety for long.

You are getting a clear and open assessment of how safe your electrical equipment and appliances are from the time of testing. It’s important to maintain that safety standard at all times. That’s where an ongoing schedule to testing and tagging gives you peace of mind.

There is not just one set of electrical safety testing regulations in New Zealand that you need to be compliant with. The rules regarding workplace safety are strict and must be followed.

Workplace safety is a mandatory requirement so it’s crucial that you remember your commitment and the golden rule that any device that uses electricity can become a workplace risk for staff and visitors.

All electrical testing and tagging should be conducted in strict accordance with the AS/NZS3760 standard. That means the in-service safety inspection and testing of all electrical equipment.

Have you done all you possibly can to ensure each appliance and all your equipment has been properly tested and tagged? That’s why a professional team like Jim’s Test & Tag NZ are your safest avenue to maintaining your workplace safety.

Who can you trust to take care of your Test and Tag legal requirements?

Jim’s Test & Tag NZ are your specialists in testing and tagging. They have the experience and expertise to make sure you are looked after with the best in electrical testing and tagging services right throughout New Zealand.

All businesses have an obligation to provide a safe workplace, and it is now compulsory under the Fire and Emergency New Zealand Fire Safety Evacuation Procedures and Evacuation Schemes Regulations 2018.

There’s no point second guessing the safety of your workplace because you don’t get second chances. Imagine having a serious workplace injury on your mind or worse, a fatality. That’s not something anyone should ever have to deal with.

Get expert help and make sure your business is fully tested and tagged by the team you can always rely on. For more details on the frequency of required tests, see our testing and tagging service page.

The Jim’s Test & Tag NZ team are always ready to help. For a free quote, contact us today.