With regular domestic and commercial RCD testing NZ, you, your staff or your family are kept as safe as possible from electric shock. Along with that, your home and work premises are protected against fire which can be caused by faulty equipment.

What are RCDs? Residual currency devices (RCDs) are the industry term for what are known as safety switches. They’re small electrical devices that a qualified electrician installs in your switchboard. If none have been installed at your premises, then that’s the first thing you need to do.

RCDs detect electrical faults and when detected, instantly trip and cut the power off.

An important thing to remember is that RCDs can also develop faults like any other type of electrical equipment. This is why testing RCDs is critical.

The RCD safety switch testing needs to be performed by a test and tag professional.

Jim’s Test & Tag knows the importance of RCD testing NZ

If RCD’s aren’t functioning properly they’re useless, and you and your staff are left unprotected.

Jim’s Test and Tag technicians don’t mess around when it comes to testing RCDs. They only use professional RCD testers. These testers measure the trip time, or the disconnect time, of your RCDs.

Fully functional RCDs will disconnect or trip in less than 25 milliseconds. With one second being the equivalent of 1000 milliseconds, 25 milliseconds is truly lightning speed. This is why they need to use a professional RCD trip time tester NZ.

If your RCDs aren’t functioning properly, it’s not just dangerous, it could prove fatal.

Be safe with Jim’s Test & Tag

The best RCD testing NZ wide is performed by Jim’s Test & Tag.

The professional technicians at Jim’s Test & Tag use certified equipment and the latest methods to ensure your electrical equipment and appliances are maintained in proper working condition.

For regular inspection, testing and maintenance, you can’t go past Jim’s Test & Tag. They’ll ensure the testing is completed at intervals set out in the AS/NZS3760 Standard.

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