With a RCD trip time tester NZ, you can check and maintain your RCDs.

What are RCDs? Residual currency devices (RCDs), also known as safety switches, are small electrical devices added to your switchboard. If you turn on faulty equipment, the RCD will detect an electrical fault and instantly trip and cut the power off.

Never forget, RCDs are also electrical equipment and can become faulty. Whether it’s for your workplace or home, RCDs need to be in place and functioning properly otherwise they’re useless.

The only way to ensure your RCDs are in working order is through regular testing by test and tag experts using certified testing equipment. 

Jim’s Test & Tag know the importance of using a RCD trip time tester NZ

Without a professional quality RCD tester, you can’t check your RCDs, full stop.

Jim’s Test and Tag technicians don’t mess around when it comes to testing electrical equipment and appliances. They have all the right equipment to ensure testing is done in accordance with the latest government standards. This specialised equipment includes a professional RCD tester.

How do these testers work?

An RCD tester accurately measures the trip time, also known as disconnect time, when RCDs are tested at the rated trip current. It’s measured in milliseconds. Fully functional RCDs will trip in less than 25 milliseconds. With one second being 1000 milliseconds, that’s lightning fast.

If your RCDs aren’t functioning properly, it could prove fatal.

RCD testing NZ is best done by Jim’s Test & Tag

Jim’s Test & Tag use professional, certified testing equipment including the industry standard RCD trip time tester NZ, when conducting RCD safety switch testing.

To ensure your electrical equipment and appliances are maintained in proper working condition, Jim’s Test & Tag perform regular professional inspection, testing and maintenance at intervals set out in the AS/NZS3760 Standard.

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