Why RCD safety switch testing in Tauranga is important

Only the best in RCD safety switch testing in Tauranga and throughout New Zealand will keep your workplace safe.

Why are RCD safety switches so important to workplace safety? Identifying electrical faults and faulty equipment is the best way to avoid the dangers of electric shock. Only a highly trained team can offer you the specialized testing service you need to keep everyone at your premises safe. Otherwise, you are at constant threat from the dangers of faulty equipment and fire risks.

That is not something you need hanging over your head. Especially when you can be safe from such faults.

If you’ve not heard or know much about RCDs and the important function they perform, you’re not alone. RCDs are more commonly known as safety switches. The industry term is Residual Current Devices (RCDs). These are small and important electrical devices that are installed within your switchboard. Only a qualified electrician can perform that installation.

If you don’t have RCDs installed at your workplace, then now is the time to have this special safety device put in.

How do RCDs work?

RCDs are able to detect electrical faults and even very small ones. Once a fault is detected, the RCD instantly trips and cuts off the power. This is the safest way to prevent the chance of electrical shocks and protects circuits from overheating and catching fire.

Now you can see why this device is such an important safety measure and has proven to be a lifesaving measure.

The key thing to remember is that RCDs, as with any other electrical equipment, can develop faults. This is exactly why proper testing of RCDs is crucial.

This specialized testing should only be performed by a fully trained professional.

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If your RCDs aren’t performing correctly, then they can turn from being a safety device into an actual safety hazard. A faulty RCD can mean that you, your staff, and your premises are left unprotected.

For the ultimate in all Test & Tag NZ services including RCD safety switch testing, see Jim’s Test & Tag NZ. You’ll know right from the outset that you are dealing with true professionals who only use the very best in RCD testers and equipment. A thorough check can be made on the device, whilst also measuring the trip time and the disconnect time, for each of your RCDs.

Having fully trained, professional technicians is one thing. Knowing that they have special certified equipment and know the latest methods to ensure your electrical equipment is always fully tested and maintained gives you true peace of mind.

For regular inspection, testing, and maintenance, Jim’s Test & Tag NZ is the team you can trust. Get the very best in quality testing and tagging to keep your workplace safe.

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