electrical appliance testing

Not Having Professional Electrical Appliance Testing Is Shocking

Who in their right mind would go without having regular electrical appliance testing? Your home and office is filled with electrical appliances.

Wherever there’s electricity, there’s the potential for disaster. This is because all electrical equipment and appliances can develop faults. Even if they’re not faulty themselves, they can be exposed to compromising environments which can cause an electrical shock. This can make them death traps if they’re not properly tested and maintained.

Which appliances and equipment need testing? The short answer is, if they use electricity, they need testing. This includes RCDs. These devices can also develop faults and being your protector, they also need to be functioning properly 100% of the time. This is why you need regular testing by test and tag experts who use certified testing equipment. 

Jim’s Test & Tag professional electrical appliance testing

Jim’s Test and Tag technicians don’t mess around when it comes to electrical equipment and appliances. They have all the correct professional equipment to ensure they’re maintained in accordance with the latest government standards.

Your equipment/appliances need testing if:

  • Being used for the first time
  • They’re already being used
  • Recently serviced or repaired
  • Returning to service from a second-hand sale
  • They’re available for hire

 You can’t afford not to have them tested.

You have peace of mind with Jim’s Test & Tag

For the most thorough electrical testing and tagging services across New Zealand, use Jim’s Test & Tag.

You can rely on the team of experienced technicians to ensure your electrical equipment and appliances are maintained in proper working condition.

With certified equipment, Jim’s Test & Tag perform regular professional inspection, testing and maintenance at intervals set out in the AS/NZS3760 Standard.

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